Zero breakthrough! China’s first high-performance server-level graphics card GPU successfully tested!

Zero breakthrough! China’s first high-performance server-level graphics card GPU successfully tested!

Recently, Innosilicon has reported another good news. Its high-performance graphics card GPU chip “Fenghua No. 1”, which is dedicated to customizing the 5G data center in China, has been successfully tested, and the world premiere is imminent. “Fenghua No. 1” is equipped with the world’s top GDDR6X and chiplet technologies, achieving zero breakthroughs in domestic high-performance graphics GPUs in data centers, greatly improving the graphics rendering capabilities of domestic GPUs, and empowering new infrastructure. Application fields such as desktops, cloud games, cloud mobile phones, Xinchuang desktops, and workstations will shine.


As an aircraft carrier platform for intelligent computing and graphics rendering, GPU-related industries have become a billion-dollar track. However, due to the difficult software and hardware technology and application thresholds, this track has been monopolized by foreign giants for a long time, especially in the field of graphics cards in workstations and data centers. field. In recent years, this field has been under the spotlight as a number of high-profile startups have entered and received huge venture capital in the billions. However, after the noise, there is still no mass-produced product in the market that can be compared with international giants. No wonder there is a joke in the market: “The domestic independent GPU, the valuation depends entirely on PPT”.

It is reported that the “Fenghua No. 1” GPU is the industry’s first rendering GPU that adopts the world’s top GDDR6X high-bandwidth memory technology and Innolink chiplet and other cutting-edge technologies. The Chinese patented physical unclonable encryption PUF technology, PCIe 4.0, HDMI2.1, DP/ Self-developed advanced technologies such as eDP 1.4 have also gathered a core. “Fenghua No. 1” is the first domestic GPU that simultaneously adapts to 4K high-definition desktops and high-performance server-level GPUs, supports domestic Linux, Android, Windows and other operating systems; supports OpenGL/OpenGLES/OpenCL/Vulkan/DX and other mainstream graphics frameworks; supports VR /AR/AI; smoothly supports data center-level multi-user application scenarios such as multi-channel cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud office, and cloud desktops. The successful tape-out of “Fenghua No. 1” shows Innosilicon’s solid strength in advanced process IP and GPU custom development and its low-key style.

Over the past 15 years, as a one-stop IP and custom chip leader in China, Innodisk has been working silently and has continued to invest heavily in the research and development of advanced semiconductor process core technologies. The ability of many world-renowned companies to produce more than 5 billion high-end SoC chips has changed the history of domestic advanced technology and high-end IP being controlled by others in one fell swoop; now, Innosilicon has made major breakthroughs in the field of domestic data center GPUs with years of technology accumulation, and has greatly improved The current level has changed the situation of domestic coreless server-level high-performance GPUs. The birth of “Fenghua No. 1” is the beginning of the continuous iteration of multiple Fenghua series GPUs and the empowerment of new infrastructure, which will effectively help domestic replacement of high-performance GPUs. Whether it is for office work or playing games, I believe that everyone will soon be able to use domestic GPUs with smooth graphics and good experience.



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