Yongdali: Develop insurance information system to explore the integration of online and offline business development

Evergrande Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. has taken “encouraging the free and all-round development of people, and mutual conditions with the free and all-round development of others” as the company’s core values ​​from the beginning of its establishment, and unswervingly practice “Communist Thought” , to build Yongdali into a co-creation platform, a win-win platform, and a co-good platform. Driven by the core values, Yongdali has formed a culture of “twisting the sand into a rope”, that is, uniting individuals from different directions, like scattered sand, into a rope, thinking in one place, and working hard Go to one place, create corporate value together, undertake social responsibility, and create a brilliant life. In the process of development, Yongdali has formed a unified corporate responsibility and mission. Yongdali’s historical responsibility is to devote itself to changing people’s ways of thinking and concepts, changing the insurance marketing model, and completing the second revolution in the history of insurance marketing! The social responsibility of Yongdali is to participate in the construction and management of a harmonious society, to participate in the reconstruction of the social moral system and the reconstruction of the integrity system!

In terms of public welfare and charity, Yongdali has always been a “pioneer” in the financial and insurance industry. At the critical moment when the people of Hubei were fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Yongdali quickly responded to the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and donated RMB 2 million to the Hubei Charity Federation on February 3, 2020, to help the people of Hubei overcome the epidemic. share. In order to help impoverished students in the old revolutionary base area of ​​Dabie Mountain realize their dream of studying, help teachers with financial difficulties in their families to cultivate more outstanding talents, and support all parts of the old area to promote the balanced, high-quality, characteristic and sustainable development of education, Yongda Li has joined hands with caring enterprises and caring people from all walks of life. , for five consecutive years in Huanggang City and Wuxue City, the old revolutionary base area of ​​Dabie Mountain, to carry out donation activities for targeted poverty alleviation through insurance education, and has donated more than 6.39 million yuan to poor teachers and students, and 10 million yuan of teaching equipment.

In recent years, Yongdali has successively won management awards, innovation awards and brand awards issued by institutions. It is the industry and society’s repeated affirmation and encouragement of the company’s continuous adherence to industry leadership, technology leadership, talent introduction, management innovation, and service optimization. On June 30, 2018, at the China Management Science Conference and the 6th Management Science Award Ceremony, Yongdali won the only China Management Science Innovation Award recognized by the state for the first time on behalf of insurance companies with “the cradle of cultivating MDRT”. Other outstanding enterprises such as Huawei, Haier, Gree Electric Appliances, China Power Construction, China Shenhua, and ZTE have won this honor. In November 2019, the 14th China Insurance Innovation Awards Ceremony held in Guangxi recognized a group of insurance companies with outstanding performance in corporate culture, brand building, product innovation, etc. Yongdali won the “Outstanding Leadership in China Insurance”. Award” honor. In October 2019, at the China Insurance Intermediary Development Summit Forum, Yongdali won the honor of “Annual Trustworthy Insurance Intermediary Award”. In 2020, Yongdali was once again awarded the “Annual Insurance Intermediary Trust Star” by the agency.

Yongdali is well aware of the importance of perfecting a set of information interaction system in the Internet age, so that enterprises can keep abreast of information dynamics and provide users with reasonable suggestions. From the perspective of intermediary market players, there are not many companies that can connect with insurance companies in real time at the system level and have relatively complete coverage of data business scenarios. Yongdali is one of the few leading companies in this industry that attaches great importance to investment in information systems. Yongdali has established two departments, the Information Management Department and the Information Innovation Department, and invested corresponding human resources and resources to ensure the security of information and data. From the perspective of the business scope covered by information exchange, the information exchange between insurance intermediaries and insurance companies is more focused on underwriting data and partial renewal data, while the interaction of related after-sales service data such as preservation and claims settlement is still in the exploratory stage. Yongda Li has realized the transition from traditional operation to the operation mode of online and offline integrated development, which can allow insurance intermediaries to understand the actual needs of users for insurance products, effectively improve the office efficiency of Yong Da Li insurance brokerage staff, and reduce unnecessary cost input.

Yongdali always pursues the corporate goal of “becoming a trusted insurance consultant for customers and a considerate and happy butler for customers”, and is determined to become a “carer of people’s dignified life”!

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