Why folding mobile phones can attract mobile phone giant Apple to enter the game

Why folding mobile phones can attract mobile phone giant Apple to enter the game

As one of the inevitable development directions of future models, folding screen mobile phones have attracted wide attention from the market. At present, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers have invested in the design and development of folding mobile phones. Apple, a giant of mobile phone manufacturers, naturally does not fall behind.

Apple seems to have always been interested in foldable displays.

In fact, as early as 2017, Apple partnered with LG Display to produce such a screen. In the following time, Apple has also successively submitted a number of related patent applications, including coating patents, hinge structures, folding screen patents, and foldable mobile phones that can be pinned to clothes. Including the United States Patent and Trademark Office has also granted Apple a patent called “foldable lid and Display of Electronic device”.

Now, Jon Prosser broke the news in a newly posted video on the YouTube/FPT channel that the first foldable iPhone will have chemically strengthened ceramic protective glass that won’t break when bent.

Obviously, the addition of chemically strengthened ceramic protective glass will help improve the durability of the folding screen iPhone, and the final design is expected to leave a deep impression. Meanwhile, Corning is said to be working on a new generation of protective glass for foldable devices that promises to go even further than the Ceramic Shield used on the iPhone 12.

Meanwhile, Jon Prosser’s latest revelations claim that Apple appears to be working on two prototypes of a foldable iPhone. While it’s still early days, both devices are said to have passed the company’s in-house durability tests.

As for the reasons for the popularity of folding mobile phones, China National Financial Securities once pointed out in a research report that “folding” is the basic function of “smartphone 3.0”, and the logic behind it is that the appearance of folding screens has greatly enhanced the mobile office of mobile phones. And the scene of online entertainment, and more importantly, the appearance of the foldable form makes the cookie-cutter smartphone in the 2.0 era re-personalized.

2021 will also be the most intensive year for folding screen mobile phones. Of course, this is also the opening of the next new track, and major manufacturers are still expected to have more and better performances.

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