What to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die casting

What to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die casting

What to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die casting

How much do you know about “what to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die-casting”, in the following, Desso die casting engineers will give you a popular science knowledge of “what to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die-casting”. I believe that after our introduction, you will Have a deeper understanding of “what to pay attention to in the process of aluminum alloy die casting”

Fixed or movable cores provide greater flexibility for aluminum die casting. In the die-casting industry, anyone who can die-cast complex and precise parts knows that aluminum die-casting molds are complex equipment that requires multiple functions. It determines the general shape of the part and significantly affects the dimensional deviation between each beer.

The use of fixed or movable cores can increase the flexibility of aluminum die casting, enabling the casting of complex and more precise parts. The shape of the runner and nozzle system determines the filling performance of the mold. The thermal condition of the mold determines the hardening of the part and its microstructure and quality. In mass production, the thermal conductivity of the mold determines the cycle time.

In addition, there is a die casting discharge system in the mold. Specializing in the production of aluminum alloy die-casting production processes mainly include injection pressure, injection speed, filling time, mold temperature, etc. These factors influence each other and restrict each other. The correct selection of each process parameter is very important, because adjusting a factor will change the corresponding process factor.

Injection speed: The difference in wall thickness and complexity of aluminum alloy die-casting varies greatly in process parameters. Compared with zinc and aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys are fluids, with low inertia and latent heat of magnesium solidification. Due to its small size and small heat capacity, the entire cavity must be filled before the metal solidifies. Therefore, the speed of magnesium alloy die-casting is higher than that of aluminum alloy, and the punching speed of magnesium alloy die-casting is about 30% faster than that of aluminum alloy.

Mold temperature: Magnesium ingot has a small latent heat of coagulation, so molten metal fills the cavity at high speed and solidifies quickly. This not only shortens the die-casting cycle and improves production efficiency, but also reduces the thermal fatigue of the mold and greatly expands the use of the mold. life. When die-casting magnesium alloys, it is usually necessary to stabilize the temperature of the mold. The mold temperature in aluminum alloy die casting is usually maintained at 220 to 280°

Aluminum alloy die-casting is a traditional industry in Japan. The Japanese hardware industry started rapidly and developed rapidly. However, the current competitive market conditions and competitive situation have made the aluminum alloy die-casting mold industry chain of related companies on the verge of a cliff. Speeding up the development of e-commerce is an inevitable choice for the domestic plastics and hardware industry to respond to the challenges of economic globalization, grasp the development initiative, and enhance international competitiveness.

In the current hardware market, the Chinese market is still the largest, and demand is gradually increasing over time. With the continuous growth of the commodity market, Tianyao Jin is producing aluminum alloy die-casting mold products in various places, and the value of industrial die-casting products has attracted more and more attention.

Increase capital investment in aluminum alloy die casting china projects, obtain more relevant information, occupy the market, and pay attention to the technological development of power tools, auto parts, etc., especially the multi-functional characteristics. It is very important to become the mainstream of future market development. After all, this is a technological development. Whether gold products can occupy a major market, technological innovation and quality assurance are issues that need to be paid attention to, and they are also the main conditions for obtaining the market.