Vicor DCM-chip helps realize a new mode of robot dog

Vicor DCM-chip helps realize a new mode of robot dog

American power supply manufacturer Vicor recently announced that its DCM3623 power module was successfully installed in the “Jueying” robot, a robot dog with smart appearance, fast movement and high dynamic balance, developed by China’s local high-tech company Yunshen Technology.

The new demand of the robot dog “Jueying” for power

The “Jueying” robot dog is more dexterous and intelligent as a whole, with a load-bearing capacity of about 10 kilograms. Under the limited internal space of the robot dog, good heat dissipation and output stability have become one of the key factors for the reliable operation of the robot dog. Therefore, a power module with high conversion efficiency equipped with lightweight sensors and internal components has become the primary consideration of system design engineers. The Vicor DCM3623 power module features miniaturization, light weight and high conversion efficiency, which meets the system design requirements of a new generation of robotic dogs.

Vicor DCM-chip helps realize a new mode of robot dog

Vicor DCM3623 Features:

Realize two-level conversion: 80V lithium battery Voltage is converted to bus voltage, and then secondary conversion is performed to supply power to system equipment

Power: up to 240W

Efficiency: up to 93% peak efficiency

Miniaturization: 36.38×22.8×7.26mm

light weight

ChiP package

Fully automated production

Vicor DCM3623 is the first small and medium power labelled power module chip (SM-Chip), which introduces the concept of chip manufacturing into the production of power modules and realizes fully automated production. Compared with Vicor’s previous semi-automatic production, the price of this series of products can be greatly reduced. The product consistency has been further improved, and it is more suitable for large-scale commercial applications, making it possible for the robot dog to appear in front-line work such as power inspections, explosion control arrangements, mine exploration, and field exploration.

Focusing on their respective strengths and being application-oriented allows system application engineers to pay more attention to product characteristics without having to think too much about the power supply system itself, which has become the unswerving initial aspiration of Vicor power supply engineers. It is believed that with the continuous deepening of technical cooperation, product performance will continue to improve, benefiting more industrial applications, and Cloud Deep Technology will also be expected to become a leader in China’s collaborative robot industry.

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