Users, Technology, Brand: Three Advantages Boost Qi Anxin’s Listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board

Users, Technology, Brand: Three Advantages Boost Qi Anxin’s Listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board

From its establishment to its listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, it took only 6 years for this technology “hard-core” company. On July 22, Qi’anxin Technology Group, a leading network security enterprise, was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, which attracted great attention from the market. The reporter found that the scale of users, technological advantages and brand loyalty constitute the important advantages of this company.

This time, Qi Anxin originally planned to raise 4.5 billion yuan, but the actual fundraising amounted to 5.719 billion yuan, which is about 27% over-raised. Cloud and big data security protection and management operation center, industrial Internet security service center, etc., covering many key and frontier areas of the network security industry.

According to Qi Anxin’s prospectus and other information, the huge user scale is an important advantage of this company. At present, Qi Anxin’s customers have covered the vast majority of central government departments, enterprises and banks directly under the central government, as well as a large number of government and enterprise units, becoming an important support behind the national network security guarantee. The trust of users makes the company’s products highly irreplaceable.

In addition, leading cutting-edge technological capabilities are also distinctive features of Qi Anxin. Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin, told reporters: “The development trends of 5G, new infrastructure, digital transformation, and industrial Internet have brought the network security scene into a period of diversified development, network security technology has entered a period of upgrading and transformation, and network security demand has also entered an explosion. During the growth period, a new track for innovative network security technology products has been formed.”

In order to better develop new track products, Qi Anxin has focused on the construction of four major R&D platforms to platform and standardize the common core capabilities required by safety products, and develop “new track” products on this basis. In fact, these new products It has gradually become the “main track” of the network security industry. The data shows that the compound growth rate of Qi’anxin’s “new track” products in the past three years has exceeded 100%, and by 2019, it will account for more than 40% of the company’s total revenue.

The strong brand influence based on technological advantages is also an important driving force for the rapid growth of Qi Anxin. From the “Blood of the Heart” vulnerability affecting two-thirds of Internet software in 2014, to various cybersecurity threats that occur almost every year, Qi Anxin has invested heavily in recent years to establish a nationwide cybersecurity emergency response. system. Data shows that in 2019, Qi Anxin handled more than 2,000 cyber security emergency incidents. Through actual combat, the network security problem of customers has been solved, and the high trust of customers has been won, which not only improves the repurchase rate of old users, but also establishes a good reputation in the industry.

In terms of market size, the “World Internet Development Report 2019” compiled by the China Cyberspace Research Institute shows that China’s Internet development level ranks second in the world after the United States. The huge Internet market has spawned a network security market that has grown exponentially, providing a broad space for development for network security companies including Qi Anxin.

Many people in the industry believe that when the downward pressure on the economy is increasing and the black swan of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is superimposed, Qi Anxin has made a strong landing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The market injected a “cardiac”.

The above-mentioned industry insiders pointed out that network security is an important strategic support for national security. Compared with developed countries such as the United States, the scale of China’s cybersecurity industry is still relatively small, and its proportion in the total economic volume, especially the digital economy, is very low. IDC data shows that in 2019, China’s network security accounted for only 1.84% of IT investment, while the United States has reached 4.78%. As an industry leader, how to further drive China’s cybersecurity industry from “small-scale, fragmented, and homogenized” to high-quality development is still inseparable from national policy support and industry consensus.

Qi Xiangdong said that Qi Anxin’s goal is to build the world’s No. 1 network security company, and listing is only the first step. “The past struggles have achieved listing, and listing is for better struggle in the future.” (Finish)