Unitree Technology Company’s First Robotic Arm Cooperating with Quadruped Robot

Unitree Technology Company’s First Robotic Arm Cooperating with Quadruped Robot

Manipulator arms can be seen in various occasions, but the manipulator arms specially made for quadruped robots may not have been seen before.


Unitree Technology Company’s First Robotic Arm Cooperating with Quadruped Robot

On December 20th, a discussion about quadruped robots and robotic arms began in the robotics circle. Unitree Technology announced that they had launched the robotic arm product Z1, which is perfectly adapted to the robot platform.

For some time, the discussion about what quadruped robots can do has been a hot topic in the top robot circle.

Now after Unitree Technology launched their robotic arm, they gave the answer.

Diversified application scenarios

In the live video broadcast of Unitree Technology, the robotic arm is installed on the head of the quadruped robot. With this robotic arm, the robot dog can more freely complete actions such as picking up objects, opening and closing doors, automatically pouring wine, and tightening screws.

More interesting is the demonstration of the technology fantasy blockbuster-Doomsday robot dog with a robotic arm, wielding a lightsaber, and saving humans.

Intelligentization is still in its infancy

Unitree Technology CEO Wang Xingxing once made a sensation in the robotics circle with his Xdog in 2016. Now that he brings an arm, he can move the entire industry. He explained the purpose and future of the development and production of robotic arms.

“The robotic arm is the only way for the application of quadruped robots. The robotic arm can meet the application needs of multiple scenarios in industry and household services. In the long run, it has broad development prospects.” He said, “From industry applications to offline Shopping malls will become our goal.”

The CEO of Unitree said, “The robotic arm is currently in a stage of rapid development, with technological evolution and direction. But we hope that it will enter our lives immediately. What needs to be solved urgently is the problem of cost control and the improvement of intelligence.”

The emergence of collaborative robots

To put it simply, the robotic arm is flexible, light and convenient, and the robot dog, which is already “omnipotent”, is not “like a dog with an arm”?

As time goes by, the collaborative robot combination can do more and more.

At present, Unitree is exploring to classify the collaboration between robot dog and robot arm and formulate industry standards.

Please look forward to the transformation of how the robotic arm “leads the future of the industry” brought by Unitree technology.

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