Typhoon raging, Taiyo Yuden Inductor Factory is reported to be suspended for a week

Typhoon raging, Taiyo Yuden Inductor Factory is reported to be suspended for a week

According to a report by the Nikkei on the 14th, due to the record-breaking heavy rain brought by the typhoon on the 19th, some Japanese companies’ factories were flooded.

Typhoon No. 19 “Hajibe” crossed eastern Japan from the night of the 12th to the early morning of the 13th, bringing record-breaking torrential rain, causing many rivers to burst. So far, more than 50 people have been killed, and some Japanese companies The factory was also flooded and was forced to stop production.

NHK reported on the 15th that so far, Typhoon No. 19 has caused 58 deaths, 15 missing and 211 injuries across Japan, and a total of 52 embankments of 37 rivers have burst. NHK pointed out that since there are still some areas that have not been able to confirm the detailed situation so far, the damage may be further expanded.

The subsidiary factory of Alps Alpine, a major auto parts manufacturer, located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, confirmed on the afternoon of the 13th that the production equipment for the production of audio equipment such as car horns was partially flooded, and it is estimated that it will take about 10 days to recover (from October 13th However, due to the continued local water and power outages, the downtime may be extended to more than 10 days depending on the recovery of infrastructure.

The current inventory of Alps is unknown, and Alps is considering using the other two factories in Iwaki City or the factory in Miyagi Prefecture for alternative production.

The factory of Taiyo Yuden’s subsidiary in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, began flooding on the night of the 12th. The electrical equipment on the first floor of the factory is flooded, so it is estimated that it may be shut down for up to a week. The factory produces inductors used in smartphones and automobiles, and the inventory is unknown.

In addition, communication equipment manufacturer Anritsu, located in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, will suspend operations on the 15th at a factory that produces communication measuring instruments.

As for whether the shutdown will have an impact on the MLCC market, Taiyo Yuden has not responded for the time being.

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