Trump’s new social platform test was hacked off the line on the first day

Trump’s new social platform test was hacked off the line on the first day

Following the decision of the world’s largest social media companies to ban their online accounts, former US President Donald Trump and his team have confirmed that they will begin efforts to create and maintain their own social media for supporters; the site, called Truth Social, will be launched today Start testing this week. Although Trump is one of the richest men on the planet, he is about to realize the difficulty of maintaining such a platform.

Online is hacked offline

According to recent reports, a group of hackers discovered a trial version of the platform and created an account called “donaldjtrump” on the platform, posting a photo of a pork chop on the infected profile. After the incident, the Truth Social platform went offline and has been disconnected.

The site was unveiled on Wednesday by the former president’s new media company Trump Media Technology Group, with developers assuring that the platform will compete with big tech companies and give users complete freedom of speech, even as they seem to forget about cybersecurity. Apparently, access to the aforementioned account is possible thanks to the open registration page that allows to create a profile and post the aforementioned image.

  Trump’s new social platform test was hacked off the line on the first day

After discovering the intrusion, the Truth Social operator restricted the creation of new accounts and disconnected the site. The company has been asked for a statement, but Trump Media & Technology has not responded.

One should remember that in January, after the violence at the U.S. Capitol, Twitter finally ousted Donald Trump from the platform, so Trump has been trying to make noise again on the social network for months. .

alleged infringement

Regarding Truth Social, cybersecurity experts report that it’s almost a copy of Twitter (a parody of Twitter); users can post “truth” in the same way as tweets, and even have the same functionality as retweets, as well as a news section and direct messaging. The app runs an almost unmodified version of Mastodon, open-source software that any developer can use to create a social media platform.

Eugen Rochko, the founder of Mastodon, recently mentioned that Trump’s website violated Mastodon’s licensing rules, which require developers to share any modifications and links to the original source code. Rochko said he has contacted the company’s legal counsel for a decision, but it has not yet been finalized.

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