The digital economy is brewing new opportunities, and the employment “rice bowl” is stable

The digital economy is brewing new opportunities, and the employment “rice bowl” is stable

Follow the trend to keep up with new employment patterns

The productive forces determine the relations of production, and the relations of production must adapt to the development of the productive forces. In recent years, my country’s mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies, as well as the construction of infrastructure such as logistics and transportation, have accelerated the emergence of new models such as platform economy, sharing economy, and internet celebrity economy.

The rapid emergence of new forms of employment such as car-hailing drivers, live e-commerce, and e-sports players has become an important form of absorbing employment and promoting economic and social efficiency changes. Important power point.

According to the survey, in 2019, the number of employees of platform enterprises in the form of new formats has reached 6.23 million, an increase of 4.2% over the previous year; the number of employment driven by the platform is about 78 million, an increase of 4% over the same period last year. The flexible employment of the platform economy such as takeaways, flash sales, homestays, and online car-hailing under the new form of employment has become a new channel for absorbing employment and solving unemployment problems, and is an important carrier to achieve “employment protection”. Relying on new technologies such as the Internet, these new forms of employment have lowered the threshold for employment and the cost of organization and management. They have obvious advantages in buffering unemployment risks and assisting the employment of difficult groups. To stabilize employment and ensure employment, these new technological means are constantly being developed. .

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, the traditional economy was pressed the “pause button”, while the digital economy was pressed the “acceleration button”. Online office, online consumption, online education, live broadcast economy, etc. have provoked “big beams” at critical moments. Many traditional industries have followed the trend and have undergone digital transformation to seek new growth opportunities. The potential energy ensures the effective operation of China’s economy and society in the epidemic. In addition, speed up the construction of new infrastructure including 5G, data centers, industrial Internet, etc., and introduce more supportive policies to encourage the accelerated development of the new economy. more employment opportunities.

On February 25, in a smart factory of an automobile company in Liudong New District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, industrial robots perform welding operations on the production line.

Taking advantage of the trend to activate small, medium and micro enterprises

“Small and micro enterprises” appeared 12 times in this year’s government work report, and “individual industrial and commercial households” also appeared 3 times, which is relatively rare in recent government work reports. Small, medium and micro enterprises are the most important channel for employment, contributing more than 80% of the country’s jobs. Solving operational difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises and consolidating the micro-foundation for ensuring employment and stabilizing growth are the key tasks for the next step.

If it is said that the urgent task of effectively solving the operational difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to further resume work and production, and helping small and medium-sized enterprises to go through the most difficult moments is to “retain the green hills” for small and medium-sized enterprises, then help small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to new market demands, Catch the express train of new formats of the digital economy, and small and medium-sized enterprises can “win the future”.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Central Network Information Office jointly issued the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Action of “Going to the Cloud, Empowering Intelligence with Data” and Cultivating New Economic Development”. Good service employment provides complete ideas and initiatives. The “Plan” proposes that in order to solve the ability problem of “no transfer”, platform empowerment will be strengthened to help small, medium and micro enterprises transform; in order to solve the financial problem of “no money transfer”, “cloud loan” will be explored to ease the difficulty of loan ; In order to solve the efficiency problem of “don’t dare to switch”, we will establish benchmarking demonstrations and application scenarios to guide enterprises to quickly transform.

Precisely use force to show combo punches

Carrying out online training, organizing “cloud” recruitment, and solving labor problems with big data… During this period, various localities and departments have implemented “policy packages” and played “combination punches”, taking multiple measures to preserve quantity, expand increments, and smooth supply and demand. Multi-angle use of Internet means to comprehensively strengthen measures to stabilize employment.

Shanghai Pudong has launched a series of service platforms for “reducing burdens, stabilizing jobs and expanding employment”, including a “cloud recruitment” service platform with unlimited time and space, and on-demand employment, and a “shared employee” service platform for enterprise resource sharing and win-win cooperation, providing online employment, A “one-code consulting” service platform for consulting and answering labor and other issues. Up to now, Pudong has held nearly 70 online recruitment activities, with 1,657 participating companies, providing nearly 21,090 job openings, and accumulatively applying for more than 28,840 jobs.

Kunshan, Jiangsu Province has formulated and implemented plans to implement “daily monitoring, weekly summary, and monthly analysis” of employment data. At the same time, it has carried out monitoring of labor employment and unemployment in its jurisdiction, and timely researched and judged the employment situation. In addition, Kunshan explores diversified employment methods to help stabilize employment, and flexible employment turns into individual industrial and commercial households, using the Internet platform to serve employers, production companies and service companies to “share employees”, and restaurant waiters go to the production line.

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province has included key enterprises with a large amount of labor affected by trade orders into the monitoring scope, and used economic indicators such as social security participation big data to analyze changes in the employment situation of enterprises in a timely manner and prepare response plans. The application of big data makes the problems of enterprises more “transparent”. Once there is an abnormality in the data, the working group will go to the front line to investigate, and the problems of urgent labor and few on-the-job personnel can be easily discovered.

Shandong accelerated the promotion of the “Internet +” training model, using more than 60 high-quality platforms to allow key employment groups to learn skills online, receive subsidies for training, and find jobs online. At the same time, it will focus on cultivating functional service platform enterprises such as online retail, online education, online training, home office, remote services, and virtual conference affairs, and promote “flexible employment” to become an employment increment.

The new form of employment driven by the Internet is the potential for a new round of economic growth, and it is also an important focus for solving the urgent problem of employment. It is necessary to further explore the employment potential, stimulate the vitality of development, and add new momentum to the steady and long-term development of the Chinese economy. .

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