The concept of metaverse is hot, which “meta-skill” talents are hot?

The concept of metaverse is hot, which “meta-skill” talents are hot?

With the layout and investment of a large number of technology companies, the discussion and voice of the Metaverse have become more and more high, and it has become one of the hottest topics on the Internet.

With the layout and investment of a large number of technology companies, the discussion and voice of the metaverse are getting higher and higher, and the year 2021 that has just passed is even called the “first year of the metaverse”.

The concept of metaverse is hot, which “meta-skill” talents are hot?

Metaverse consists of two roots, Meta and Verse. Meta means “transcendence” and “meta”, and verse means “universe”. Since the world envisioned by the Metaverse involves a variety of technologies, the skill requirements for talent are also very diverse. It is understood that from VR/AR, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other “infrastructure” technologies equipped with infrastructure, to “creator” skills such as application development, graphic art, 3D modeling, game design and virtual human design, all It is an essential core ability for the Metaverse to land.

Meta-skill 1: VR/AR

Known as the entrance to the “metaverse”, the demand for talents ranks second in the world

According to the current general view, the metaverse has six characteristics: immersion, sociality, openness, sustainability, rich content production, and a complete economic system. And these six characteristics, if boiled down to one point, is “highly realistic”.

Without virtual reality, there is no sense of existence, let alone a high degree of realism. Therefore, VR has become a key technology for the existence of the metaverse. To put it simply, virtual technologies such as VR are the entrance for real users to enter the virtual world of the metaverse. By wearing the corresponding equipment, the user’s virtual avatar can enter the metaverse.

In this context, many VR jobs will be created, such as VR panoramic shooting, VR application design, and 3D modeler. Especially in the metaverse era, the technical requirements for 3D modeling will be higher. In addition to the traditional beauty promotion, original painting, games, film and television animation, figure and other industries, 3D modelers have a new choice – virtual person.

However, at present, the number of VR talents in China only accounts for 2% of the world. From the perspective of VR job demand, China accounts for about 18%, and the demand for VR talents in China ranks second in the world.

Meta-skill 2: Blockchain

To create trust for the virtual world, compound talents are in short supply

Blockchain is an open, censorship-resistant database model secured by encryption and decentralization. Blockchain records information in blocks on a shared ledger and stores synchronized copies of that ledger across all systems participating in the network, ensuring its immutability.

Applied to the Metaverse, blockchain can store user data on a tamper-proof shared ledger, ensuring user immutability. Since the blockchain ledger is publicly verifiable, this will create more trust in these emerging virtual environments. Blockchain-based metaverse projects have emerged, of which “sandbox (a security mechanism in the field of computer security)” and “decentralized zone” are the most popular. Both virtual worlds are built on Ethereum, leveraging its open infrastructure to create a trusted data environment.

The demand for blockchain talents in the metaverse era will focus on blockchain application development, blockchain algorithm, blockchain platform development, etc., and will involve industries including finance, management, public services, medical care, education and employment, etc. knowledge. “Chaoyang Technology” naturally spawns “Chaoyang Employment”. However, according to data from a recruitment platform, based on existing industries and positions, blockchain talents, especially “blockchain + industry” compound talents are facing serious challenges. In short supply situation.

Meta Skill 3: Artificial Intelligence

Connecting virtual and reality, relevant talents become the key to the landing of the Metaverse

Artificial intelligence technology can provide technical support for a large number of scenarios in the metaverse. As we all know, data, algorithms and computing power are the three core elements of artificial intelligence. Data is the cornerstone and foundation of the development of artificial intelligence. Algorithms are an important engine and driving force for the development of artificial intelligence. Computing power is an important guarantee for the realization of artificial intelligence technology. . Before heading to the “metaverse”, it is necessary to create an infrastructure that realizes the combination of virtual and real. Obviously, artificial intelligence is the “key” that connects the virtual world with the real world.

AI technology also needs to play many different roles in the metaverse. The metaverse can be said to be a multiverse, it can be a comic in the second dimension or a certain game, so there are destined to have some staff-like roles in this world. At this time, artificial intelligence is needed to exert force, such as Robots that can communicate freely with humans without barriers are needed.

At the same time, the Metaverse needs a powerful computing power to efficiently process the operation of the virtual world, because the Metaverse can be regarded as a microcosm of the real world, and users in the real world will have a virtual clone to enter this world. . Therefore, the number of users in the metaverse and the number of people online at the same time will be very large, so the requirements for computing power are more stringent. For example, when the metaverse comes, but the computing power is not efficient enough, then the user is faced with the infinite circle of pictures when the network is not good in real life, just one word is – card.

Therefore, talents who master the core skills of artificial intelligence, such as big data, cloud computing, machine learning, computer vision, and biometrics, will become indispensable talents in the metaverse era. However, a report released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in July 2021 revealed a worrying fact: at present, the supply and demand ratio of artificial intelligence talents in my country is only 1:10. If the training is not strengthened, there will be a talent gap in 2025. will reach 10 million. If we don’t pay attention to talent cultivation, I am afraid that the quantity and quality of AI talent cultivation will become a key factor restricting the implementation of the Metaverse.

Meta Skill 4: Digital Twin

Copying a virtual world is difficult to cultivate talents

What is a digital twin? In simple terms, it is to digitize things in the physical world and generate a digital entity corresponding to it.

The ideal state of the metaverse is to replicate a real world as a virtual state. In this virtual world, there are real characters, real social forms, and economic systems. The development of digital twin technology can speed up the arrival of the metaverse, because the most powerful capability of digital twin technology lies in deduction. By establishing corresponding digital scenarios and then performing corresponding deductions through programs, many failures can be avoided.

Digital twin technology involves multiple skills, including big data, edge computing, artificial intelligence, etc., and requires a large number of talents in application development, design, and management of related technologies. At the same time, the foundation of digital twin technology is the Internet of Things. Some industry insiders believe that the potential space of the overall Internet of Things market exceeds 10 trillion yuan, and the potential for industry-driven applications is huge, including navigation, smart buildings, and smart cities.

Industry drives employment. In recent years, with the accelerating process of social digitization, the market demand for IoT professionals has been showing an upward trend. It is understood that in addition to learning computer knowledge, this major also needs to master communication technology, modern sensor technology, wireless network sensing, etc., and also involves software development. It belongs to high-skilled compound talents, so it is more difficult to cultivate talents.

Meta Skill 5: semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

Metaverse infrastructure, talent shortage will be the new normal in the next 10 years

The infrastructure communication technology in the Metaverse world mainly refers to the full popularization of 5G, because the Metaverse is a world composed of numbers and has relatively high requirements for the network. If there is no stable and high-speed network, users may even walk in it. questions, let alone making friends and exploring. At the same time, the Metaverse has extremely high requirements for data transmission capabilities, which is reflected in the magnitude, speed, and stability of data transmission.

It can be said that communication technology is an important infrastructure for the development of the Metaverse, and once the Metaverse enters the “infrastructure era”, the chip industry is expected to benefit first. In fact, the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry will begin to emerge in 2021. Some experts even pointed out that the shortage of semiconductor talents will be the norm in the next 10 years.

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