The complete SoC solution integrates silicon intellectual property modules to accelerate the expansion of the IoT landscape

The complete SoC solution integrates silicon intellectual property modules to accelerate the expansion of the IoT landscape

Mobile devices are very popular, and the special requirements for low power consumption and miniaturization have accelerated the development of system-on-chip (SoC) technology. Great progress. At the same time, SoC processors still retain many advantages such as low power consumption, small size, and simple design, and are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

For example, small-sized SoC processors help to miniaturize products such as embedded computers, tablet computers, embedded motherboards, in-vehicle computers, and even network security special machines, so they can be used as factory automation controllers, machine automation controllers, Data Acquisition System (DAS), industrial automation human-machine interface (HMI), self-service machine (Kiosk), point-of-sale terminal (POS), vehicle computing platform, data exchange between M2M machines, etc. vertical application.

The complete SoC solution integrates silicon intellectual property modules to accelerate the expansion of the IoT landscape

ARMEmbedded solutions detonate the future intelligent system revolution

Driven by Internet of Things (IoT) applications, cloud computing, and network transmission, traditional embedded devices have evolved into intelligent systems that are gradually taking root in general, special workplaces, and daily life. These intelligent systems have the common points of energy saving, mobile network transmission capability, and affordable price.

Super SoC computing module

However, in the knowledge economy era of professional division of labor, the integration of modular silicon intellectual property (SIP) from SoC processors, firmware, drivers to operating system kernels (Kernel) requires complicated verification. Therefore, the highly integrated software and hardware SoC computing module. It is like a shortcut to shorten the development cycle of a complete SoC solution and accelerate the time-to-market of SoC solutions.

The SoC computing modules and systems launched by NEXCOM have completed software and hardware verification in advance, supporting Coretex™-A8, Cortex™-A9, Cortex™-A15 architecture SoC processors, including I/O interfaces, power management and industrial communication The interface adopts industrial standards such as small volume Q7 (Qseven) and ultra-low power consumption (Ultra Low-Power Computer-on-Modules; ULP-COM). Because of its robust design, it can operate in a wide temperature environment without a heat sink.

In addition, NEXCOM’s SoC computing modules and systems are equipped with a graphical user interface and provide an application-ready Board Support Package (BSP), which supports Windows Compact, Linux, and Android operating systems to assist users in project development. Applications can be transferred during the evaluation phase to track prototype viability early.

NEXCOM also has an Embedded Computer-on-Module Competence Center (CCC), which is backed by a comprehensive talent pool of software and hardware development engineers and provides evaluation starter kits for customers during the product life cycle. , professional advice, on-site application development support, system integration and verification and confirmation services, which can simplify the ODM design and foundry process and help customers quickly develop exclusive solutions.

From the product development process, acceptance criteria to delivery, NEXCOM adopts the product life cycle management system (PLM) to track and manage the whole process to ensure product quality.

NEXCOM’s project managers work closely with local design partners and customers to quickly respond to intractable problems encountered by customers.

Cross-domain application of complete SoC solutions

NEXCOM has successfully applied the SoC platform to a wide range of industrial applications. Taking a portable medical device as an example, NEXCOM’s SoC computing module can transmit the monitoring data collected by multiple physiological monitors and transmit it through the network to help medical staff monitor the health status of patients or newborns. In addition, this portable medical device can also upload simulation data to a computer with a USB-OTG adapter, or download software updates from a computer or an external USB flash drive. SoC can also be seen in fitness equipment. The interactive fitness equipment control panel built by NEXCOM SoC products is equipped with a large-size touch panel and provides rich multimedia content services through Ethernet and Wi-Fi wireless networks. .

NEXCOM has also successfully applied the SoC platform to portable POS terminals in the retail industry. Customers can use this terminal to inquire about the goods they need and their placement, and make purchases, checkout, and so on.

In terms of factory automation, NEXCOM industrial-grade SoC controllers integrate various I/O interfaces such as DI/DO, independent RS-232, RS232/ RS422/ RS485 serial ports, CAN bus, VGA, LVDS It is equipped with mini-PCIe slots to support fieldbus communication module expansion, and can support common factory automation communication protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and DeviceNet, which can be turned into a gateway for factory automation.


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