Tencent Cloud’s six edge availability zones will be launched on the same day, supporting intranet interconnection with other cloud nodes

Tencent Cloud’s six edge availability zones will be launched on the same day, supporting intranet interconnection with other cloud nodes

On December 17, Tencent Cloud officially announced that the Edge Zone (Edge Zone) located in the six capital cities of Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changsha, Fuzhou, Jinan and Shijiazhuang opened on the same day, and continued to increase the layout of new infrastructure.

According to Gao Hang, product director of Tencent Cloud Networks, the edge availability zone officially launched this time not only has the core computing, network, and storage functions of central nodes such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., but also has advantages in terms of price, and supports integration with other cloud nodes. Internet through Tencent Cloud Intranet. It can greatly help customers to sink their business and provide cloud services with lower latency, wider coverage, and lower costs.

It is understood that in order to better serve customers and solve the problems of coverage, delay and cost of enterprises, Tencent Cloud has accelerated the deployment of edge availability zones in major provincial capital cities across the country. With extensive geographical coverage, strong resource support and superior geographical advantages, it provides users with edge computing services with lower latency and wider radiation range, and one-stop business coverage, resource expansion, and iteration of enterprises in secondary regions. Upgrades, cloud migrations, etc. Through good resource elasticity and flexible billing methods, it provides enterprises with cost-effective edge cloud services that are more cost-effective and easier to manage. Through the central node plus edge availability zone, combined with SD-WAN and other capabilities, it is easy to build a cloud-edge-device integrated network architecture to help businesses migrate to the cloud with low latency and low cost.

It is understood that Tencent Cloud Edge Availability Zone has capabilities comparable to first-tier regions such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In terms of products, the edge availability zone covers a wide range, and access is nearby, and the average latency is reduced by more than 20%. The bandwidth cost of the three networks is as low as 10 yuan/Mbps/month, and the bandwidth access cost is greatly reduced. It supports dedicated line access and is directly connected to the central node cloud network, Tbps-level national interconnection bandwidth, and can easily deploy hybrid cloud networks. Provide the same rich computing, network, storage and other products as the central node first-level region, including but not limited to cloud servers, cloud hard drives, load balancing, cloud networking, containers, high-defense DDos, etc., to sink more cloud products To the edge, it provides the same experience as the central node, and the cloud and edge are integrated to meet the diverse needs of enterprises in different scenarios; in terms of resources, a single edge availability zone has 10,000-core-level computing resources and Tb-level three-network bandwidth exports, with good resources Flexibility; in terms of high availability, it provides 7*24 hours on-site operation and maintenance, and professional escort throughout the process. With the support of hot migration, the business is stable and not dropped. Provides 99.9% high availability to ensure stable business operation.

Combined with the first lightweight 5G edge computing center infrastructure previously built by Tencent Cloud, Tencent Cloud has now completed the construction of a full set of infrastructure covering private clouds and public clouds, creating a powerful full matrix of edge computing.

At present, Tencent Cloud Edge Availability Zone has been widely used in real-time audio and video communication, game acceleration, live video, online education, cloud games and other scenarios, and supports the smooth operation of high-concurrency services of many excellent products in China.

Gao Hang, Network Product Director of Tencent Cloud, said: “In the future, in addition to continuously improving the products and services of the existing edge availability zones, Tencent Cloud will launch edge availability zones in more cities across the country to continuously release the value of cloud computing and accelerate the promotion of enterprises. Digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading provide a steady stream of new impetus for the vigorous development of my country’s digital economy.”

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