Teledyne Imaging at Vision China 2021

Teledyne Imaging at Vision China 2021

Shanghai, China, March 16, 2021 – Teledyne Imaging will be exhibiting at Vision China Shanghai 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17 to 19 , the booth is Hall W1, W1-1800. Welcome to Teledyne Imaging’s co-booth, where visitors can expect to see a range of line scan and area scan sensors, frame grabbers, vision systems, software and smart cameras for vision inspection, logistics, robotics and packaging applications. The highlights are as follows:

1. Line Scan Cameras and Embedded Vision

The industry’s first Multifield™ CMOS TDI camera, Teledyne DALSA’s new Linea HS captures brightfield, darkfield and backlight images in a single scan. When combined with the Xtium™2 CLHS high-performance frame grabber, these models achieve unmatched data throughput.

· Linea Lite is the latest addition to Linea’s series, Linea Lite offers high performance in a small package.

Featured “Online Demos” of the Z-Trak 3D Scanner supporting up to 16 3D sensors, helping to remove occlusions and provide real-time height measurements using laser triangulation and robust on-line measurements.

· Sherlock8 – next generation vision application software supporting 1D, 2D, 3D and thermal cameras. Includes support for “rule-based” and “learning-based” AI deep learning vision tools, parallel processing, factory protocols, and custom user interfaces.

· VICORE – a new generation smart camera system supports up to 25M. VICORE systems feature integrated software, I/O, PLC support and can handle traditional 2D and 3D and IR inspections.

BOA Spot-XL – The new smart sensor is simple to use and includes all vision capabilities for measurement, defect detection and robotic guidance as well as product identification (1D/2D/OCR).

2. Smart Sensors

Teledyne e2v’s Emerald™ 67M image sensor enables ultra-high resolution for electronics inspection, high-end surveillance and aerial imaging. Its 8K square resolution and its high frame rate allow for improved throughput and detection rates.

· New high-resolution Hydra3D™ time-of-flight CMOS imagery tailored for 3D inspection and distance measurement. It features cutting-edge 10µm three-tap pixels and supports the latest industrial applications including vision-guided robotics, logistics, and automated guided vehicles.

3. sCMOS camera

· Teledyne Photometrics has its latest back-illuminated sCMOS cameras Prime BSI Express and Kinetix. 95% quantum efficiency, low read noise, and extremely high speed (95 fps for Prime BSI Express, 500 fps for Kinetix, full frame).

· The small form factor and USB interface of the Prime BSI Express camera allow it to accommodate the widest range of configurations.

The Kinetix camera’s 10-megapixel sensor offers a 29.4mm field of view, opening up endless possibilities for new discoveries.

4. Area Scan Camera

Teledyne’s first-of-its-kind CXP camera, engineered for performance, built on Genie Nano’s proven, industry-leading reputation.

Teledyne Lumenera’s new Lt-series cameras are available in board-level and enclosed versions of high-performance USB3 models (in the 2- to 20-megapixel range).

Subject matter experts are on hand to discuss product development plans and advanced technologies to provide technical support for your visual challenges.

During the exhibition booth W1 Hall, W1-1800.

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