Strategy Analytics: 5G will take enterprise digital transformation to the next level

Strategy Analytics: 5G will take enterprise digital transformation to the next level

The advent of 5G networks will create enormous opportunities for creating enterprise value across a range of industries and profoundly impact business operations. The report, 5G and its impact on enterprise digital transformation, published by Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Professionals Strategic Research Service, describes how businesses are leveraging 5G and highlights AR/VR, enterprise mobile applications, 5G mobile adoption, devices, enterprise teamwork /Collaboration and IoT.

Gina Luk, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Professionals Strategy Research Service and report author, said: “Digital transformation has become a generic term for enterprises across different industries, and 5G is now one of the technologies enterprises are considering in their roadmaps. 5G will Affecting the global business and technology landscape, it will not only transform industries, it will have a major impact on businesses. Businesses will use the technology because it will have a huge impact on productivity, mobility and profitability.”

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics, explained: “There is no doubt that 5G deployments promise many benefits to 4G networks that businesses can take full advantage of, but most 5G vertical use cases are still in the conceptual and developmental stages. Although 5G has the potential to change Various industry processes, but the real value to the end user remains to be established.”

Whether or not businesses see the impact of 5G in a year or five, it will come. Businesses must prepare for today’s technology to realize the future performance improvements of 5G.

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