Smart Times Murata Medical uses RFID solutions to help the construction of smart medical care

Smart Times Murata Medical uses RFID solutions to help the construction of smart medical care

In recent years, driven by national policies and technologies, my country’s smart medical market demand has continued to grow, and the market scale has expanded rapidly. According to the “2019 China Smart Medical Industry Market Prospect Research Report” released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, the sales scale of China’s smart medical market exceeded 70 billion yuan in 2018, and it is expected to approach 120 billion yuan by 2020. The broad development prospects of the smart medical market are attracting more and more companies to join it. As a world-renowned Electronic component manufacturer, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Murata”) responds by providing small and highly reliable products. The development needs of the smart medical field.

Murata Medical RFID Solutions: Helping the Construction of the Medical Internet of Things

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, Radio Frequency Identification) technology has the advantages of long identification distance, short reading time, high accuracy, and large data storage capacity. Only one tag can provide an integrated solution. In recent years, medical sample management has been widely used. , tracking and other fields have been more and more widely used. Murata can provide a series of high-quality antennas, readers, and software solutions, including RFID equipment.

Taking medical device management applications as an example, with the strengthening of UDI (Unique Device IdenTIficaTIon) regulations, the demand for serial number management of medical devices is booming, and Murata has timely launched RFID tags for surgical devices. This product is a new type of metal-resistant UHF RFID tag with a size of only 6x2x2.3mm, which can be attached to most surgical instruments. It is a UHF RFID tag with small size and powerful performance in similar applications.

  Smart Times Murata Medical uses RFID solutions to help the construction of smart medical care

Surgical instruments with Murata RFID tags installed

This product uses the metal surface of the object as a booster for the antenna. Through the cooperation with Nanjing Langdengjie Medical Technology Co., Ltd., it is fixed on the surgical instrument with a special fixing method with high strength, which can withstand the impact of more than IP 65 level. Attached to the biofilm that has passed the biocompatibility compliance test of German TUV and China Medical Device Inspection Center. The product can read information in batches in the closed-loop circulation of surgical instruments for efficient management, even if the surface is blood-stained or pre-soaked wet instruments can be read.

In addition, Murata’s ultra-small RFID/NFC tags (3.2×3.2×0.7mm) can also be attached to test tubes and petri dishes to realize automatic detection, counting, verification, identification and other management, effectively improving blood sample testing and experimental efficiency. Fast reading even in low temperature and humid environments for fast detection.

  Smart Times Murata Medical uses RFID solutions to help the construction of smart medical care

Application of RFID tags on test tubes

Murata’s medical-grade components: diverse varieties and reliable performance

As a company that designs and manufactures advanced electronic components and multi-functional high-density modules using electronic raw materials with excellent performance, Murata has a history of more than 70 years and has developed a variety of electronic component products to fully meet the needs of smart medical Different scenarios and different types of usage requirements in the field.

Murata’s high-density silicon capacitors are thin, highly reliable, and have high stability in terms of Voltage, temperature, aging, and electrostatic capacitance values. They can be used in pacemakers, defibrillators, plug-in nerve stimulation devices, and artificial organs. , prostheses (artificial heart, artificial retina, myoelectric prosthesis, etc.), life support equipment and other fields are being implanted by more and more pacemakers, hearing aids, monitoring equipment, eye implants, etc. in the European and American markets. Accepted by classified medical clients.

  Smart Times Murata Medical uses RFID solutions to help the construction of smart medical care

Murata MGSC Series Medical Silicon Capacitors

In recent years, the data communication of medical devices has become increasingly popular. For example, devices such as patch-type blood glucose meters, insulin injection pens, nebulizers, etc., which can continuously measure blood sugar levels without drawing blood, can continuously measure the number of administrations, doses, patient temperature and other vital signs, and use mobile devices to make Patients and doctors can observe progress in real time and understand the patient’s living habits. Data from these measurements is sent to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a short-range wireless communication technology. Such medical devices not only need to be equipped with communication functions, but also need to be small and long-running. However, the contradiction between shrinking the size of the components and increasing the size of the battery has caused designers to struggle, and Murata’s resonator products meet these conditions with superior performance.


Murata’s MEMS resonators for medical devices

Murata’s MEMS resonators use MEMS technology to achieve ultra-small size and low ESR characteristics that cannot be achieved by crystal resonators. This product achieves good frequency accuracy and temperature characteristics of the resonator without compensating for the initial accuracy and temperature characteristics of the active element, contributing to low power consumption and reduction of mounting area for customers, and is suitable for small and thin devices.

With the advent of the Internet + era, China’s medical industry is transforming and upgrading in the direction of intelligence and digitization. In the future, Murata will provide more and more innovative products and solutions to help the construction of smart hospitals, create a more secure and convenient medical environment, and work with all sectors of the industry to promote the development of China’s smart medical industry.

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