SK Hynix co-CEO Park Jung-ho: Consider doubling the chip foundry capacity

SK Hynix co-CEO Park Jung-ho: Consider doubling the chip foundry capacity

According to foreign media reports, at present, the production capacity of chip foundries is generally tight, but it is still difficult to meet the strong demand. Automotive chips, smartphone processors, home appliance chips, etc. are still in short supply, and there is an urgent need to expand production capacity. to increase supply.

The latest reports from English-language media show that SK Hynix, a memory chip manufacturer that also engages in chip foundry, is considering expanding its chip foundry capacity.

The English-language media quoted SK Hynix’s vice-chairman and co-CEO Park Jung-ho, reporting that SK Hynix was considering increasing its chip foundry capacity. Park Jung-ho said that they were considering a feasible plan to double the chip foundry capacity.

According to reports in English media, SK is considering a variety of strategic options in terms of increasing chip foundry capacity, including increasing equipment, acquiring factories, and mergers and acquisitions.

SK hynix established a wholly-owned subsidiary responsible for the chip foundry business in 2017. At present, there are many factories, but the proportion of SK hynix’s revenue is still low. SK hynix is ​​currently coming to chips. The revenue of non-memory chip business such as foundry is only 2%, and the memory chip business is the main source of their revenue.

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