Senton launches SDS CameraBar to help smartphones achieve fully automatic virtual shutter photography

Senton launches SDS CameraBar to help smartphones achieve fully automatic virtual shutter photography

Beijing, China, December 2, 2020 – Sentone Technology, a pioneer in software-defined smart surface interaction, recently announced the launch of SDS CameraBar™. A first-of-its-kind solution, the product uses ultrasound to virtualize and extend smartphone camera operations. CameraBar unlocks a whole new way for phone manufacturers to provide customizable, ergonomic shutter shots while removing the limitations of a screen-only user experience. This modular solution replicates some of the features of point-and-shoot cameras, delivering ultra-responsive, shutter and zoom controls without disrupting the sleek industrial design aesthetic.

Senton Technology has developed this technology and the corresponding software to complete the camera operating system of the mobile phone, with a user-friendly experience that is comparable to any traditional camera. The operation of the virtual shutter button is like a real camera. Press the right finger to focus, and continue to press to take a photo. At the same time, the sliding of the left finger can realize the optical zoom function.

“The new smartphones now offer a very high level of camera functionality, but the camera control is still not at the level of traditional digital SLRs,” said Zhengyang Li, President and CEO of Sentone Technology. “CameraBar changes all that, a modular solution. A solution that makes taking pictures on a smartphone as convenient as a traditional camera. At the same time, the user experience is expanded without awkward taps on the screen, without blocking the line of sight or restricting how to hold the phone. With CameraBar, we continue to be This trend of mobile devices offering a whole new level of interaction gives consumers the intuitive user experience they have been accustomed to for decades.”

Powered by Sentone’s SDSwave technology, the CameraBar extends the device’s user interface beyond the screen, transforming the borderless edge into a pressure-sensitive touch interface capable of recognizing and distinguishing presses, clicks, slide.

SDS CameraBar does all of this while allowing phone manufacturers to maintain a sleek design aesthetic. It consists of ultrasonic modulated discrete sensors distributed in two short modules.

Main features:

· Unlock a new user experience with virtual keys redefined by software

· Sophisticated workmanship, can identify intentional touches and presses, and has a strong anti-mistouch function

The sensor module contains firmware with haptic triggers and a full gesture library

Take into account the ultra-thin, folding screen and curved waterfall screen

· Supports full IP68 enclosure rating, no longer trapped by outdated keyholes

CameraBar is the latest addition to Sentron’s suite of ultrasonic SDSWave solutions. It is another major release after SDS GamingBar. SDS GamingBar is one of the most popular smartphone gaming trigger solutions, debuting in the ROG Phone 3 from Tencent and Asus, and featured on Lenovo’s first gaming phone. Co-located on the same core platform as this high-performance gaming solution, CameraBar leverages advanced processing to identify and differentiate every interaction through sensing fibers that resemble high-performance Merkel nerve endings.

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