See how important ESP is to save your life while driving

See how important ESP is to save your life while driving

Slippery roads and sudden evasive maneuvers often cause vehicles to roll over into ditches or hit obstacles, with serious personal injury or death.

Twenty-five years ago, a pioneering invention brought a remedial solution – Bosch and Daimler-Benz first applied the Electronic Stability Program ESP (Electronic Stability System) on the S-Class in 1995. After 1997, ESP gradually became a mass production.

A few days ago, Bosch Bosch accident researchers released estimates showing that in the EU countries alone, ESP has saved about 15,000 lives and prevented nearly 500,000 personal injuries over the past 25 years. Therefore, ESP is also regarded as the most important life-saving device on the vehicle along with seat belts and airbags.

“The invention of the Electronic Stability System is a milestone in Bosch’s vision of a ‘zero accident’ in future mobility,” said Harald Kroeger, member of the Bosch Group Board of Directors. “ESP is a good example of our philosophy of ‘Technology for the beauty of life’.”

It is understood that the ESP started mass production in March 1995, and was first equipped on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In the following years, the ESP system has been continuously improved, and in 1998 the 5.7 generation ESP was introduced. The well-known 8th generation ESP was launched in 2002.

The latest Bosch ESP has grown to the 9th generation. In addition to improving the original body stability system, the ninth-generation ESP also adds many practical functions to the vehicle, such as lane detection, collision warning, and adaptive cruise.

To date, Bosch has produced and delivered more than 250 million ESP systems. Globally, Bosch ESP is installed in 82% of new cars. In 2017, that number was just 64 percent.

It is reported that since November 2011, the European Union has required new passenger cars and commercial vehicles to be equipped with ESP; from November 2014, all newly registered passenger cars and commercial vehicles must be equipped with ESP, and China has not yet Require companies to make ESP mandatory.


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