Schneider Electric will build the medical industry’s first smart power distribution system

Schneider Electric will build the medical industry’s first smart power distribution system

Schneider Electric announced that it will work with partners to provide intelligent power distribution solutions for the power supply and distribution project of the inpatient medical technology complex of the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University, helping customers build the first fully intelligent power distribution system in the medical industry in the Chongqing area. After the implementation of the project, on the basis of optimizing the operation and maintenance efficiency and cost, it will meet the technical requirements for grid-connected gas power generation proposed by Chongqing Children’s Hospital, ensure safe and continuous power supply, ensure the stable operation of key areas and equipment in the hospital, and further Improve patient experience.

According to the data released by the Statistical Information Center of the National Health and Medical Commission in January 2019, from January to November 2018, the total number of patients in medical and health institutions nationwide reached 7.54 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.2%, of which 27.6 were public hospitals. 100 million person-times, an increase of 4.0% year-on-year. It is foreseeable that with the acceleration of urbanization in my country, the demand for medical services in all aspects of the whole society will continue to grow. Hospitals, especially public hospitals, as the first choice for a large number of people to seek medical treatment, will therefore be under more and more severe pressure.


The stable operation of key areas and important equipment in the hospital is closely related to the patient’s medical experience and even the safety of life. Therefore, ensuring continuous and stable power supply is one of the foundations for the efficient operation of the hospital. At the same time, improving the management level and optimizing energy and labor costs , has also become a key topic for hospital managers. Under the combined influence of policies and regulations such as the “13th Five-Year Plan” for health and wellness and the National Medical and Health Service System Planning Outline (2015-2020), the pace of intelligent construction and transformation of Chinese hospitals is accelerating.

Chongqing Children’s Hospital was founded in 1956 by the Department of Pediatrics of Shanghai Medical College in Qianyu. It is a national tertiary first-class comprehensive children’s hospital integrating medicine, teaching and research. It has 800 approved beds and receives and treats local and surrounding areas every day. large number of patients. The continuous increase in the number of people seeking medical treatment has made hospitals bear more and more responsibilities. At the same time, the medical industry itself has high requirements on the safety of electricity consumption. Various high-precision equipment, ICUs and operating rooms require continuous and stable power supply. In addition, In order to achieve the goal of a green hospital, the power supply and distribution project of the inpatient medical technology complex also needs to connect the independent gas power generation with the power grid of the power supply bureau. Therefore, the hospital put forward clear project requirements, that is, through intelligent power distribution, on the basis of reducing the cost of operation and maintenance manpower and material resources, to ensure the safe and continuous power consumption of the hospital, and to effectively solve the problem of grid connection with customized solutions, This has never been achieved within the scope of the Chongqing Power Supply Bureau, which also adds to the difficulty of the entire project.

As an expert in the field of intelligent power distribution, Schneider Electric has cooperated with 10 major global medical institutions to help more than 800 hospitals in China optimize logistics management, and has accumulated rich practical experience in the medical industry. At the technical exchange meeting organized by the owner before the project was launched, according to the demand of the hospital in terms of power supply and distribution, a highly targeted intelligent power distribution technology idea was put forward, which attracted the attention of the hospital. Through full communication and optimization of relevant technical requirements with the institute, power supply bureau, design institute and other parties in the later stage, the final plan highly satisfies the requirements of gas-fired power generation grid connection, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and has won the recognition of customers.

Combined with professional services, based on the EcoStruxure architecture and platform, Schneider Electric has tailored an intelligent power distribution solution for Chongqing Children’s Hospital, which will help the intelligent upgrade of the power supply and distribution system of the inpatient medical complex building, and further ensure the internal use of the building. Electricity is safe and reliable, while saving labor and energy costs and improving operation and maintenance efficiency: Provide products including PM8240 high-end meters, vacuum circuit breakers, molded case switches, etc., while ensuring the reliable and stable operation of the system, with outstanding interconnection and interoperability It can collect accurate data on the safety and power quality of electrical equipment, and provide a basis for subsequent optimization.

Provide the aging analysis report of the key circuit frame circuit breaker to provide the basis for the active operation and maintenance of the system. By deploying the Power SCADA Operation power monitoring system, the collected data can be comprehensively monitored, which is more in line with the daily work trajectory of the hospital and the needs of facility management scenarios, enabling efficient, accurate and professional deployment and operation, and continuously optimizing the system for refined management. Ways to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce costs.

The second phase of the project started in April 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2020. The successful implementation of the project means that Chongqing Children’s Hospital will have the first fully intelligent power distribution room in the region, which will then set a benchmark for the intelligent development of Chongqing’s medical industry. Schneider Electric’s innovative and high-quality products, advanced software system platforms and professional services have been greatly recognized by the owners. With the successive development of the project, the two parties will continue to deepen cooperation to jointly cope with the increasing number of patients and optimize Experience, ensure the high safety of the medical environment, and create a green tomorrow’s hospital.

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