Samsung plans to produce 2 million Mini LED TVs next year

Samsung plans to produce 2 million Mini LED TVs next year

On August 25, according to foreign media reports, following the launch of Mini LED TVs by some Chinese brands, Samsung expects to launch such TVs next year and plans to produce 2 million such TVs next year.

According to reports, Samsung Electronics is currently developing a Mini LED TV, which uses ultra-small LEDs each with a diameter of 100 to 300 microns as a backlight. When these LEDs are closely arranged and used as light sources, the screen is brighter and the picture quality is clearer.

The company had originally intended to complete production of the necessary components in the first half of this year and then bring the TV to the market in the second half of the year. But recent reports said the company has yet to start producing parts, so the product’s launch has been delayed until next year.

The new product will reportedly join Samsung’s high-end lineup including QLED smart TVs and Micro LED TVs. Samsung claims that Mini LED TVs will provide a better experience than QLED smart TVs currently on the market.

In early August this year, TCL released a Mini LED screen TV. The biggest feature of this TV is that it is blessed with Mini LED Display backlight technology and supports a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

According to foreign media reports, last year, TCL’s 8-series Roku TVs used Mini LED Display backlight technology for the first time. Compared with “standard” LCD TVs, Mini LED TVs may provide better picture quality with better contrast ratio, and the price is cheaper than OLED TVs.


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