Robin Player: 3D film innovation declines, 5G will boost cultural and creative

Robin Player: 3D film innovation declines, 5G will boost cultural and creative

With the orderly progress of the resumption of work and production in Chengdu, today (April 13), the 2020 Chengdu newly introduced major cultural and creative projects with the theme of “Tianfu Cultural and Creative Splendid Clouds” is the first centralized signing of the “Cultural and Creative Commons Action”. A loan grant ceremony will be held to convey the “most Chengdu” lifestyle to the world.

During the event, the Hollywood Virtual Film Academy project will conduct a “cloud road show”. The academy is a new generation of cultural and entertainment industry schools. It gathers a number of leading stars in the European and American film and television industries to serve as course instructors, including “Avatar”, “Lord of the Rings” and “Vengeance”. Robin Prybil, director of special effects production for “League of Actors” and Spielberg.

Chengdu is gestating a thriving film special effects industry. The special effects productions of the previously popular “Wandering Earth” and “Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes into the World” both involve the Chengdu team. According to data from the National Film Administration, the box office of Chengdu’s movies exceeded 1.8 billion yuan in 2019, ranking fifth among the cities nationwide. Taking this opportunity, the reporter of “Daily Business News” (hereinafter referred to as NBD) interviewed Robin Prybill and listened to her unique insights on the special effects film market.

VR and AR have become a part of movie production

NBD: Hollywood movie special effects technology is well-known in the world. Can you share movie special effects?

Robin Player: I’m very lucky to be the executive/producer of visual effects for movies such as “Avatar”. These film parties have hired hundreds of artists around the world to execute the director’s vision.

My purpose in joining Virtual Film School is to bring professional production techniques and teaching methods into existing teaching. Nowadays, many schools offer courses based on theory. Although it is necessary to understand the history of film development, from the perspective of finding a job, it is more useful to teach students virtual production techniques and short video production. I have two children in middle school and two in college. As a mother, whether a child can learn some skills to “make a living” in school is an issue that parents are very concerned about, but there is no such teaching in many schools.

NBD: What is the level of development of 3D movies so far? What are the other pain points?

Robin Player: After the introduction of 3D movies, its innovation declined rapidly because too many movies were released in 3D, which reduced its value. I think 3D movies should be able to restore the director’s ideas and lead the audience on an irreplaceable emotional journey.

VR and AR are already part of filmmaking. 5G facilitates communication, allowing directors and special effects artists to see the same visual images in different places in real time.

Feel the strong artistic atmosphere in Chengdu

NBD: Why and how did you initiate the Hollywood Virtual Film Academy project?

Robin Plybill: Nowadays, movies, TV and short videos are the links between people. Just imagine how many people want to post their short videos on YouTube, and how many schools are teaching students how to make short videos or virtual technologies. ? But now how many schools can gather accomplished professionals in the film industry? Not much, this is the meaning of the existence of this school.

The Virtual Film Academy can teach new filmmaking skills, and it is also a very interesting part of filmmaking. We are always innovating and breaking through. Isn’t this the goal of every artist? At the same time, we also use visual effects as a means of teaching other art forms.

NBD: Currently, Chengdu is vigorously developing the cultural and creative industry and building a world-renowned cultural city. Have you been to Chengdu before, what are your impressions and expectations of this city?

Robin Player: Yes, I have been to Chengdu. The local food, pandas, and first-class universities impressed me. I was lucky to visit a university in Chengdu, and I felt a strong artistic atmosphere in my classmates. I also see that Chengdu also attaches great importance to the development of 5G, which in turn will help the development of education.

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