Proposal on Promoting the Security Development of the Industrial Internet Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Proposal on Promoting the Security Development of the Industrial Internet Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Proposal on Promoting the Security Development of the Industrial Internet Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Reason:Proposal on Promoting the Security Development of the Industrial Internet Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Review comments:It is recommended that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Information Technology Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. study and handle

Proposer:Yan Wangjia

Subject heading:Industrial Internet; Cyber ​​Security; Artificial Intelligence

Proposal form:personal proposal


1. Problem and cause analysis

The Industrial Internet is an emerging business format and application model formed by the deep integration of a new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing. In recent years, under the guidance of the strategic policies of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, my country’s industrial Internet has developed rapidly, which has effectively promoted the improvement of production efficiency and the connection of industrial value chains.

The rapid generation and accumulation of big data in the industrial Internet has become a natural platform for the application of artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, the industrial Internet powered by artificial intelligence will continue to develop. At the same time, security-related data in the Industrial Internet continues to accumulate rapidly. Therefore, artificial intelligence should also be actively promoted to empower industrial Internet security. Just as network security and informatization are two wings and two wheels of driving, in the industrial Internet intelligent At the same time as the development of industrialization, we must simultaneously promote artificial intelligence to empower industrial Internet security.

The current security situation of the Industrial Internet mainly has the following problems:

(1) Traditional industrial networks focus on industrial control and production operations (ie, OT networks), and do not pay enough attention to network security. In the process of evolving to the Industrial Internet, it needs to be integrated with IT networks. The complex network security issues introduced by the latter give rise to The former brings great security threats and risks. This involves a number of technologies in different fields, coupled with the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, it is impossible to rely on experts in a certain field to propose suitable security protection solutions.

(2) There are many types of devices, platforms, and networks in the Industrial Internet, and the attack surface is wide. There are various security threats. Vulnerability and vulnerability management face huge challenges. At the same time, the rapid accumulation of big data in the Industrial Internet provides a hidden space for malicious behavior. Big data brings great difficulties to real-time analysis and processing. Attackers can hide their malicious behaviors, so as to avoid detection and achieve attack goals.

(3) A variety of new-generation information technologies are widely used in the Industrial Internet, including IPv6, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., which also contain hidden security risks. The security risks brought by these new technologies and their applications are difficult to control, and there may be various 0-day vulnerabilities lurking in them. The existing security defense technologies are often “one step behind” and cannot keep up with the pace of new technologies. This leaves an opportunity for malicious attackers.

2. Specific suggestions

In order to further strengthen the security guarantee of the Industrial Internet and ensure that it becomes a reliable force driving the development of industrial production and the promotion of social value, we should vigorously promote the application and deployment of Industrial Internet technology and pay attention to the research and development of matching network security defense technologies. Promote the development of AI-enabled industrial Internet security.

Specific recommendations are as follows:

(1) Guide the establishment of joint laboratories to promote technical research and the cultivation of compound talents

In the industrial Internet, industrial technology and information technology are deeply integrated, and many network security problems are brought about by the integration of OT network and IT network. To study targeted AI-enabled industrial Internet security technologies, it is necessary to have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of specific application scenarios, which requires joint research with industrial production companies, network security companies, and related scientific research institutes. Therefore, we should guide and encourage the establishment of joint laboratories involving multiple parties, and build a simulation environment for industrial scenarios to facilitate the discovery of network security problems (such as industrial control system vulnerability mining) and the verification of the effectiveness of network security technologies; to cultivate compound knowledge and skills with multiple talents, and promote the exploration of technological integration and innovation.

(2) Promote the implementation of AI-enabled industrial Internet security practices

The industrial Internet faces many security threats, the attack surface is wide, and the scale of data involved is large, and the existing security defense system is difficult to deal with. At the same time, because the industrial Internet directly affects production, active technical means such as scanning detection and penetration testing should be avoided, and passive automatic vulnerability mining, malicious code detection and abnormal behavior discovery based on network traffic analysis should be avoided. Can be of great help. However, due to the lack of real data support, research and testing are difficult. The National Industrial Internet Security Situational Awareness and Risk Early Warning Platform built by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has taken a step forward in data collection, aggregation, analysis and early warning. It is suggested that some powerful measures can be taken on this basis to promote the practice of artificial intelligence-enabled industrial Internet security, such as encouraging Relevant data is shared for research use, and experimental pilot projects are set up to carry out deployment tests in real environments.

(3) Promote the sustainable and adaptive evolution of AI-enabled industrial Internet security

The new generation of information technology adopted in the Industrial Internet has brought significant challenges to the existing network security defense system. On the other hand, with the intelligent development of the Industrial Internet, attackers will also use intelligent means to bring new threats. Artificial intelligence technology can achieve automatic improvement by continuously learning from new data, and can continuously enhance its ability by adopting adversarial learning methods to fight against malicious artificial intelligence applications. Therefore, research on AI-enabled industrial Internet security can realize the sustainable and adaptive evolution of the network security defense system. The suggested measures include: guiding and encouraging artificial intelligence to empower the self-learning evolution of industrial Internet security technology, research on confrontation improvement, setting up research projects to promote industry-university-research cooperation to tackle key technical issues, etc.

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