Pinggu District actively deploys to promote the development of drone towns

Pinggu District actively deploys to promote the development of drone towns

On November 18, Pinggu District, Beijing held an industry development promotion conference at the National Convention Center, and the drone project was released on the spot. It is reported that Pinggu District has prepared a development plan for the drone town, and has reserved more than 1,000 mu of land in the Mafang Industrial Park as the carrier of the drone town project.


The relevant person in charge of the Science and Information Bureau of Pinggu District introduced that Pinggu District has the resource advantage of developing a drone town. At present, Pinggu District has two airports, Shifo Temple and Jinhai Lake, with an airspace of more than 900 square kilometers. Relying on the existing airspace, airports, industrial parks (which already have a complete infrastructure supporting system) and the Beijing General Aviation Industry Base and other industrial bases, Pinggu District is actively deploying to promote the development of drone towns.

At present, Pinggu District has formulated a development plan for drone towns, which clearly focuses on the fields of drone testing and certification, exhibition trade, security countermeasures, and core intelligent manufacturing to promote technological innovation, industrial development and application demonstration of drones. , build a complete drone town system.

In terms of industrial land protection, Pinggu District has comprehensively reviewed the existing land conditions of Mafang Industrial Park, revitalized and utilized 24,000 square meters of idle workshops, and reserved more than 1,000 mu of land as the landing carrier of the drone town project, of which the first phase of planned land use 500 acres.

At the same time, Pinggu District is also actively connecting with various resources. According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will provide support in drone technology resources and testing and certification; Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology will contact DJI, Meituan, Huawei and other corporate resources to participate in the development of Pinggu drone town; actively strive for Zhongguancun The characteristic industrial park of military-civilian integration and general aviation has landed in Pinggu; Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone will organize drone companies to connect with Pinggu District to attract drone companies to land.

At present, the drone town has gathered a group of drone companies. Among them, the Zhongyu Hangtong UAV manufacturing project has a total investment of 8.2 million yuan, and will build 2 UAV parts production lines and 1 aircraft mold production line. The R&D base of National Eagle Headquarters has settled in Mafang Industrial Park. The company has more than 50 different types of UAV products, which can meet the technical services required by government departments in smart city construction, security protection, rights protection and law enforcement, emergency disaster reduction, etc. and product applications.

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