Perfect World Xiao Hong: Actively pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration and innovation of “digital entertainment + AI”

Perfect World Xiao Hong: Actively pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration and innovation of “digital entertainment + AI”

On December 23, the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Future Application Scenario Forum hosted by the Daily Economic News was held as scheduled. The conference invited industry experts in artificial intelligence and related fields to gather online to discuss the future application scenarios of artificial intelligence and analyze the rules of future artificial intelligence ecological construction. The CEO of Perfect World, Dr. Hong Xiao, with the theme of “promoting the integration and innovation of’digital entertainment + AI’ from technology”, he imagined the development trend and form of artificial intelligence technology in the future, and discussed how Perfect World promotes artificial intelligence technology and industry in recent years. Analyze integrated development.

Perfect World Xiao Hong: Actively pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration and innovation of “digital entertainment + AI”

The picture shows Dr. Xiao Hong delivering a keynote speech at the forum.

Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

A survey by the Chinese Institute of Electronics shows that the artificial intelligence industry has developed rapidly in recent years. From a global perspective, the global artificial intelligence industry will reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 31.6% from 2018 to 2022. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and third-party data research institutions, the scale of China’s core artificial intelligence industry exceeded 51 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to reach 400 billion yuan in 2025.

As companies seize new outlets one after another and investment in technology research and development continues to increase, artificial intelligence has achieved a number of important breakthroughs, and both the scale of the industry and the number of companies ushered in explosive growth. The expansion and application of new technologies have spurred changes in scenarios. Related fields around life and work, such as payment, travel, medical care, social networking, games, etc., contain huge market opportunities for the incubation and application of new technologies. These opportunities have urged companies as the main players in the market to continuously increase their new track in technological innovation.

In the future, China is expected to develop into the world’s largest artificial intelligence market. What impact will the development of artificial intelligence have on our lives? How does the company lay out in related fields?

In his speech, Dr. Xiao Hong said that the development of artificial intelligence technology has restructured all aspects of economic activities, such as production, distribution, exchange, and consumption, forming new demands for intelligence. The role and value of artificial intelligence will continue to be demonstrated; the company’s own position in the development of artificial intelligence, the role it plays, and the contribution it makes will determine its development in related fields, which brings opportunities and challenges to the company at the same time.

AI exploration in the field of games and e-sports

Dr. Xiao Hong introduced that the current game and e-sports fields have made extensive exploration of the application of artificial intelligence technology in actual scenarios. The application direction not only includes user experience, but also provides richer solutions for game development.

For example, the concept of Non-Player Character in games provides a strong demand for game AI. Perfect World’s “Fantasy New Zhuxian” mobile game released this year uses AI to collect and analyze server data, automatically generate new forces and NPCs, provide a real and natural interactive experience, and enhance the user’s game immersion; “New Swordsman” The mobile game uses an AI facial recognition solution and uses a large amount of information and data to perform calculations. Users can edit personalized characters with different styles; “Dream Set Cygnus” uses artificial intelligence and AR facial recognition technology to combine the player’s The facial information is mapped to the characters in the game to realize the real-time synchronization of the player’s expression, posture and the game. The virtual items in the game can also be arranged and saved in the real life environment for sharing and interaction.

In terms of R&D, Perfect World uses AI to perform image prediction, which can improve the transmission efficiency of images. Intelligent integration through AI technology can open up solutions for projects, meet functional requirements, and improve game development efficiency and intelligence. In the past, in order to solve the anti-aliasing problem, many scene modeling and texture rendering were done manually, but now they can be generated by AI.

In the field of e-sports, human-machine battles and prediction of winning rates through artificial intelligence technology have brought e-sports events into an era of diversification. The introduction of artificial intelligence not only enhances the viewing degree of the event, but also allows players to appreciate the glamorous light that bursts when the cutting-edge technology and e-sports are combined. In the TI series of events, artificial intelligence called “Open AI” has been used in human-machine confrontation many times. AI can also predict the win rate based on big data, provide ordinary players with suggestions and references for playing styles, and experience different battle strategies. These contents allow users to better participate, understand and enjoy the game. In addition, AI technology is gradually being applied to the training of professional e-sports teams and the training of ordinary players.

Digital entertainment + AI activates new market demand

At the end of the speech, Dr. Xiao Hong used a forward-looking perspective to see the development of artificial intelligence and fully imagined the future development space of digital entertainment, especially in the fields of games and e-sports.

The first is the game field. He said that in the future, the application of artificial intelligence in this field will be more in-depth, especially in the user experience, which will have an important impact, and the characteristics of immersion, personalization and freedom will be more obvious. In terms of immersion, the combination of AI, VR and AR technology provides users with immersive gaming and e-sports experience; in terms of personalization, players can set up various personalized virtual scenes in the game and use AI for interaction. There is no single goal, it is an open evolution system; in terms of freedom, for example, in e-sports competitions, users can become characters in the game and experience the excitement of participating in the battle on the spot. At the same time, the players are allowed and synchronized with the hardware conditions. Under the premise of, you can participate in the competition without going to the scene.

This year’s popular meta-universe concept provides new possibilities for the application of artificial intelligence in the game field. From a long-term perspective, digital entertainment + AI will be closer to the concept of meta universe. Artificial intelligence technology will help create an “present” environment, make people feel “home away from home” in the virtual world, and cultivate people’s creative willingness. Artificial intelligence will serve as an intelligent “brain”, providing a variety of innovative content. In addition to games, users can also conduct social, business, and travel activities in the virtual world. New technologies and new scene applications will encourage more people to participate and effectively activate new market demands. At present, Perfect World is also exploring related meta-universes, such as trying UGC content, economic systems, and open worlds.

In addition, Dr. Xiao Hong said that in the field of e-sports, based on the huge imagination and market potential of artificial intelligence, Perfect World is actively promoting the application experience of this technology. In September last year, CS:GO launched the virtual image of the national service community “Gubao Longji”. In October this year, it announced the image of the virtual anchor dodo in the DOTA2 game. After the virtual anchor goes online, it will effectively break the gap between e-sports and audiences. The dimension wall makes the audience experience super interactive, intelligent and super immersive.

Dr. Xiao Hong pointed out, “Based on the current situation, Perfect World will actively pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology in the game field and focus on the promotion of innovation in the industry. Only by insisting on the confidence in the future development of technology and actively exploring the point of convergence between technological development and user needs In order to go further.”

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