pay attention to!These optoelectronic companies are laying out photovoltaic laser equipment

pay attention to!These optoelectronic companies are laying out photovoltaic laser equipment

The development of the photovoltaic industry has undergone a turning point, and now, driven by policies, the overall trend is improving. As an important development direction of global energy technology and industry, photovoltaics are not only a sunrise industry with great development potential, but also a strategic emerging industry with competitive advantages in my country.

These optoelectronic companies are all laying out photovoltaic laser equipment, so please take a look.

Deer Laser

Dier Laser was established on April 25, 2008. Its main business is the design of precision laser processing solutions and the research and development, production and sales of supporting equipment. Its main products are precision laser processing equipment used in the photovoltaic field.

Now it has become the leader of precision laser processing equipment in the photovoltaic field, with a strong market competitive position and excellent product competitiveness.

In addition to the Wuhan headquarters, the company has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Wuxi and Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2020, Dier Laser was selected as the “Smart Photovoltaic Pilot Demonstration Enterprise” of six ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The main products of Dier Laser include PERC laser ablation equipment, SE laser doping equipment, MWT series laser equipment, automatic high-speed laser scribing/split machine, LID/R laser repair equipment, laser boron expansion equipment and other laser equipment. At the same time, laser processing technology has been successfully applied to PERC, MWT, TOPCON, IBC, HJT and other new high-efficiency solar cell and module technologies.

In 2020, on the PERC process production line of major domestic photovoltaic cell manufacturers, the company’s PERC laser ablation and SE doping equipment will continue to have a higher market share in the previous year.

The company has carried out research and development for different battery processes, and continues to deepen the research and development of P-type PERC battery processes, including PERC+ process, etc., and also conducts corresponding technical research on Topcon, HJT and other N-type battery processes, and actively follows up the market to reduce costs and increase Effective trends, strengthen the research and development of solar cell laser LID/R (laser repair) technology, laser transfer printing technology, non-destructive scribing technology, and other applications of laser in the cell production link, further expanding the company’s technical reserves.

In December 2020, Dier Laser announced that the total amount of funds to be raised will not exceed 840 million yuan. It will invest in high-efficiency solar energy, battery laser printing technology application research and development projects, new Display industry laser technology and equipment application research and development projects, and supplement working capital. The project is expected to have a construction period of 3 years, and it will be completed in 2023.

Han’s Laser

As a provider of laser, robot and automated intelligent manufacturing solutions, Han’s Laser mainly includes laser processing equipment in the photovoltaic industry including dicing machines, film opening machines, doping machines, etc., and has formed mass sales, and has obtained Longji shares and Tongwei shares. Orders from major customers in other industries.

In 2020, the company’s Display panel and semiconductor-related businesses will achieve operating income of 1.027 billion yuan, an increase of 6.67% over the previous year. Among them, laser processing equipment in the photovoltaic industry achieved operating income of 119 million yuan, an increase of 88.59% year-on-year, and equipment such as splitting machines and film doping machines were sold in batches.

Han’s Laser keeps up with market demand and trends, and the improvement of module efficiency is also one of the effective means to realize photovoltaic grid parity. Downstream manufacturers put forward more stringent requirements for laser scribing technology, which is mainly reflected in the enhancement of the mechanical strength of the cell. Han’s Photovoltaic Equipment has developed innovative non-destructive laser scribing technology based on years of technological precipitation and market demand.

This technology has been commercialized, and has successfully entered the market through strict verification of large-size, high-density packaging processes. The non-destructive laser scribing equipment of Han’s Photovoltaic Equipment is suitable for 156mm×156mm-230mm×230mm cells.

This processing technology adopts the principle of stress cutting, there is no laser thermal ablation and mechanical splitting process, so that the stress section of the cell is clean and tidy without any damage points, which greatly improves the mechanical strength of the cell and ensures the good processing of the components. Rate and reliability.

Shengxiong Laser

Shengxiong Laser was established on April 8, 2008, dedicated to building China’s advanced equipment intelligent manufacturer. Recently, Shengxiong Laser was selected as one of the first batch of “little giant” enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2021.

For the photovoltaic industry, the photovoltaic laser slotting machine developed by Shengxiong Laser is mainly used for the back slotting of high-efficiency solar cells (mainly PERC cells).

This device has a higher repetition frequency (independently developed laser, MAX can reach 2MHz), higher productivity (more than 7500uph per hour), lower risk of cracking (less than 0.01%) and higher cost performance (pi Second performance, nanosecond price).

Photovoltaic laser doping machines are mainly used for the front doping of high-efficiency solar cells. This equipment adopts German imported optical devices to make the focused square spot more uniform (≤5um), and the square resistance of the laser rear diffusion is adjustable (the square resistance drop is ≥50Ω).

In June, at the “SNEC 15th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum”, the company exhibited its freely developed solutions for mature laser grooving and laser doping technology in the photovoltaic industry. This laser PSG doping equipment developed by the company has excellent process effects and high stability. It is characterized by a modular design and uses imported optical devices.

Sangong Optoelectronics

Wuhan Sangong Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise, 863 project undertaker, and has the right to import and export independently. Sangong Optoelectronics is committed to the R&D and production of laser processing equipment and complete sets of solar equipment. Its main products include solar cell stringing machines and laser dicing machines.

In addition to the above-mentioned companies, there are also some laser companies that have also used products in the photovoltaic field. Inno Laser, which was recently listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s ChiNext, responded to investors’ questions and stated that the company’s products have been applied in the photovoltaic field.

According to the company’s official website, the PERC battery laser slotting application can achieve high-quality selective perforation, with a spot diameter of 25-35μm and a line speed of 30m/s; Raycus laser and Huagong technology products have been applied to silicon in the photovoltaic field. Sheet cutting; Jiangsu Qilan Laser and Zhuhai Yuemao Laser also have related photovoltaic laser equipment.

With the gradual development and maturity of China’s photovoltaic industry, it has achieved a leading edge globally. Technological development, carbon reduction targets and policy guidance will further promote the development of the photovoltaic industry. The demand for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in the photovoltaic industry will further drive the demand for photovoltaic laser equipment.

According to the PV Infolink research report, by 2021, the global photovoltaic cell production capacity will reach about 187GW, of which the PERC cell production capacity is expected to be about 126GW, accounting for about 67%.

In addition, the strong compatibility of SE and cell production lines can bring more room for improvement in the development of PERC cells. By 2021, it is estimated that about 110GW of cell production capacity will be equipped with the SE process. PERC and SE high-efficiency solar cell processes correspond to The total market capacity of laser processing equipment exceeds 3.8 billion yuan.

Coupled with high-efficiency solar cell technologies such as MWT, LID/R, half-cell, shingled, and expanded boron, the total market for high-efficiency solar cell laser processing equipment is expected to exceed 5.8 billion yuan.

Who will benefit from the multi-billion-yuan market? Leading photovoltaic laser equipment companies such as Dier Laser, which specializes in this field, have a leading edge and will directly benefit from the development of the photovoltaic industry by meeting the needs of downstream customers through technological research and development.

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