Nidec Sankyo expands sales of S-FLAG II in China

Nidec Sankyo expands sales of S-FLAG II in China

Nidec Sankyo officially started to expand sales of S-FLAG II in China. S-FLAGⅡ is the world’s first AC servo motor with built-in 23-bit magnetic encoder. Previously, the S-FLAG II had been mass-produced at the Chinese factory this year, and a China-specific website has been opened.

China’s AC servo motor market is the largest in the world and will continue to expand in the future. The competition in this market is fierce among the world’s major AC servo motor manufacturers such as China and Japan.

Nidec Sankyo’s goal is to expand market share through product quality, durability and price competitiveness. The company is the core company of Nidec Group, the world’s largest motor manufacturer. The new product S-FLAGⅡ is the product of Nidec Group’s mature technology and scale effect. The product was developed in Japan and is currently being mass-produced at a factory in Guangdong Province, China.

The structure of S-FLAGⅡ is sturdy and can withstand the harsh working environment such as machine tools. Compared with other companies that use optical encoders, Nidec Sankyo uses magnetic encoders. Magnetic encoders are completely immune to dust, while optical encoders are susceptible. In addition, the magnetic encoder is completely in-house including the magnetization process. Therefore, this makes Sankyo’s products more price-competitive. The influence of the harsh working environment is the main reason for the failure of AC servo motors. It can be said that S-FLAG II successfully solved this problem.

At present, China ranks first in the world in terms of the production volume of liquid crystal substrates and OLED substrates. All the liquid crystal substrate and OLED substrate factories in China have invested in a large number of glass substrate handling robots, which can handle substrates larger than a square with a side length of 3 meters. Nidec Sankyo owns the absolute market share of glass substrate handling robots. Sankyo AC servo motors are used in this robot. It can also be seen that the technical content and reliability of Sankyo AC servo motors are high. Therefore, we started to expand the sales of S-FLAG II developed with this high technology in the Chinese manufacturing market.

In addition, S-FLAGII is also fully compatible with the latest communication protocol “EtherCAT” which is rapidly spreading, enabling easy connection to PLCs (equipment controllers) of various companies, enabling usable AC servo motors.

In the future, S-FLAG II will make a great contribution to the improvement of China’s manufacturing strength.