New addition to Pfeiffer Vacuum’s DigiLine range of total pressure gauges

New addition to Pfeiffer Vacuum’s DigiLine range of total pressure gauges

April 27, 2021, Shanghai – Pfeiffer Vacuum has added a new model to its DigiLine series of total pressure measurement vacuum gauges, which uses digital signal output to ensure accurate and safe data transmission. For more than 20 years, Pfeiffer Vacuum has provided a complete solution for total pressure measurement with the DigiLine digital total pressure measurement gauge. This model is modular in design to suit any industrial vacuum application. It is also equipped with a gauge that is easy to install and enables Reliable total pressure measurement.

Since many vacuum applications can only be performed within a certain pressure range, being able to measure total pressure accurately and safely is important in practice. The DigiLine series effectively measures and controls the total pressure in the vacuum system, and the newly added digital signal output function allows it to achieve high-precision and safe and reliable data transmission. Compared to analog measurement methods, DigiLine can transfer measurement data for process control and documentation without error and with more precise results.

The DigiLine range is equipped with M12 plug connectors, making the gauge usable even in harsh process environments. The vacuum gauge can also be operated in a communication network with HiPace @ turbomolecular pumps and other Pfeiffer Vacuum products. In terms of accessories, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet or additional analog output devices with two switch points and an LCD Display are now available.

In response to changing market demands, more options have recently been added to the range. Previously, this series of vacuum gauges was only equipped with an RS-485 interface, but now DigiLine is also equipped with the industrial Ethernet interfaces Profinet and EtherCAT. Compared to traditional fieldbuses, they have the advantage of extremely high data transfer rates and significantly more connected devices, which can help companies accelerate the achievement of Industry 4.0 goals.

New addition to Pfeiffer Vacuum’s DigiLine range of total pressure gauges

ProfiNet and EtherCat interface

In addition, the DigiLine is now equipped with a capacitive vacuum gauge CCT in addition to the previous version with an analog output. The vacuum gauge has the advantage of being independent of gas species and high measurement accuracy, and can be used for precise process control of coating processes, freeze drying or calibration laboratories. The reliable ceramic technology element of the capacitive vacuum gauge CCT has excellent chemical resistance and extremely low zero deviation. Currently, there are temperature compensated and 45 °C heated versions to choose from.

Capacitive vacuum gauge CCT

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