Mouser Electronics’ Ohm’s Law Calculator is online to save your design time

Mouser Electronics’ Ohm’s Law Calculator is online to save your design time

November 23, 2020-The one-stop procurement service provided by Mouser Electronics, a global authorized distributor of Electronic components focusing on introducing new products, provides design engineers with various technical resources and tools required for the entire design process. Mouser’s free technical resource center is now launching a time-saving and labor-saving Ohm’s Law calculator to assist engineers in the entire design process easily.

Ohm’s law states that the current flowing through a circuit is proportional to the Voltage across it. Mouser’s online Ohm’s Law calculator allows engineers to quickly and easily calculate the necessary values, thereby saving time. After entering any two known values ​​of the circuit, the engineer can easily calculate other values ​​with the push of a button, thus saving valuable time in the design process.

The calculator can even help engineers use the wattage law to perform conversions to calculate power, current, voltage, or resistance. In addition, there is a printable conversion table on the calculator page, which can be easily carried for reference.

Mouser’s free technical resource center provides a variety of online calculators to assist engineers of all skill levels in processing various routine calculations from power conversion to resistance calculation, saving users time and effort.

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