More than 20 domestic analog IC strength competition, who will lead?

More than 20 domestic analog IC strength competition, who will lead?

Compared with digital chips, analog chips have the characteristics of high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, low power consumption, high reliability and stability. The life cycle is often more than 10 years, and the application fields are wide and the price is relatively stable. It is not easy to be affected by a single industry boom. degree of influence. According to data from IC Insights, a research institute, the scale of China’s analog chip market reached US$23.5 billion in 2019. Among them, the domestic output value is much smaller than its market size, and there is huge room for import substitution.

In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the analog integrated circuit industry market, my country’s analog IC manufacturers are slowly rising. At the same time, it is necessary to increase investment in research and development, aiming to catch up with the international advanced technology level, fill the gap of domestic high-end analog chips, and reduce my country’s analog IC manufacturers. The gap between integrated circuits and the international advanced level will gradually get rid of the dependence on foreign imported products and patented technologies.

The selection activity of “2020 Hard Core China Chip”, sponsored by Chip Master, branded by Shenfubao Group, and sponsored by Mouser Electronics with exclusive gifts, commends domestic excellent semiconductor companies and encourages domestic companies to increase their efforts in IC product and technology research and development. Among them, there is the “2020 Domestic Analog Circuit Chip Selection”, and the annual blockbuster products have participated in the competition.

This article will take stock of more than 20 participating products in the “2020 Domestic Analog Circuit Chip Selection”. (The following content is in random order, in no particular order.)

Silan Microelectronics

Flyback switching power supply controller chip SDH8654B with integrated high Voltage power MOS

It is applied to the standby power supply of white electricity system, etc., with high conversion efficiency, high integration and high reliability.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance:

? High voltage startup to achieve low standby power consumption

? Multiple control modes to optimize efficiency under full load conditions

? Frequency jittering control to optimize EMI

? Peak current compensation to optimize high and low voltage OCP consistency

? Soft start

? Leading edge blanking (LEB)

? VCC overvoltage protection (OVP)

? Output Overload Protection (OLP)

? AC input under-voltage protection (AC_UVP)

? AC input overvoltage protection (AC_OVP)

? Output Diode Short-Circuit Protection (DSP)

? Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

? DIP7 package

2. Price competitiveness: Silan SDH8654B and its series products are comparable to international brands, and can completely replace competing products in terms of performance. Its power tube withstand voltage, conversion efficiency, protection function and other functional parameters surpass the benchmark products. It has advantages and can also replace the same type of white electricity standby power supply products.

3. Technological innovation: SDH8654B is a flyback switching power supply controller chip with integrated high-voltage power MOS, which has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, high integration and high reliability. The product has built-in 700V high-voltage power MOS and its own patented high-voltage startup function inside the chip, with minimal peripheral and high integration. The product has built-in perfect abnormal protection functions, including VCC under-voltage/over-voltage protection, input over-voltage/under-voltage protection, output overload protection, secondary-side rectifier diode short-circuit protection, etc., which can improve the reliability of the power supply system.

4. Customer service: Silan Micro SDH8654B, as a standby power solution for white power systems, can completely replace the same type of products in the European, American and Japanese markets. At present, this product has been successfully applied to household air conditioners and has achieved stable mass production. At the same time, this product It has also been introduced into the localization plans of major domestic air-conditioning brand manufacturers, and has been highly recognized by major customer groups.

Nanochip Microelectronics

A new generation of reinforced digital isolation chip NSi82xx series based on “Adaptive OOK” technology

NSi82xx adopts innovative “Adaptive OOK” technology, which improves the CMTI capability to more than 200kV/μs, and has stronger reliability and stability.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: NSi82xx series is a new generation of reinforced digital isolation chip based on “Adaptive OOK” technology. The product meets the VDE reinforced insulation standard and conforms to the AEC-Q100 automotive-grade specification. The technical indicators such as surge withstand voltage capability, ESD capability and resistance to common mode transient interference have been greatly improved, and can be applied to various high Isolation withstand voltage and complex systems requiring reinforced insulation certification.

2. Price competitiveness: Comparable to the prices of major foreign manufacturers.

3. Technological innovation: NSi82xx series adopts “Adaptive OOK” coding technology, which can achieve high common mode rejection, low radiation and low bit error rate.

4. Customer service: Nanochip is a domestic supplier of all types of isolation devices, which can provide customers with one-stop solutions to meet the needs of high, medium and low-cost customers. And it has unique configuration capabilities to meet customer needs for fast delivery and pin compatibility.

5. Market sales: The isolation process has been fully verified for reliability and has been put into mass production.

Zhongke Galaxy Core


Temperature and humidity integrated sensor series chips with independent intellectual property rights. The chip has reached the highest international level of temperature and humidity sensors at this stage. The chip has the characteristics of excellent performance, small size, fast speed and low power consumption.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: It has reached the international advanced level at this stage. Swiss Sensirion is the best company for temperature and humidity chips. Our company’s chips have the same performance as Sensirion’s chips, and the package is the same size. No other domestic company can do similar packaging products.

2. Price competitiveness: The product price has a very high competitive advantage, our products are even lower than Sensirion. On the basis of consistent performance, we have enough room to compete on price with our competitors.

3. Technological innovation: GXHT3x-DIS is a new generation of single-chip integrated temperature and humidity sensor developed by Zhongke Galaxy Core. It was developed based on the extremely weak signal detection design platform and MEMS process design platform of Zhongke Galaxy Core. The innovative integration of high-sensitivity MEMS moisture-sensitive components on silicon-based CMOS wafers can reduce the interference of multi-chip signal transmission, reduce chip area, and improve packaging reliability. It has two user-selectable I2C addresses, and the I2C communication speed is up to 1MHz.

4. Customer service: First of all, the company’s first value is to meet customer needs. We have established sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and arranged market sales personnel and FAE personnel. In addition, the company arranges AE and system engineers to solve customers’ problems. The company has carried out service training and will be able to provide customers with high-quality customer service.

5. Market sales: The company’s temperature and humidity products were released in August. Today is a year of laying the foundation for sales, and this year will also achieve very good sales performance.



The first domestic 11Ghz -3dB Quad SPDT ultra-high-speed signal switch for Type-C USB3.0/USB3.1 interface.

Product introduction:

High-speed signal switches have always been the main battlefield of European and American suppliers. Diao Microelectronics has always adhered to its outstanding advantages in high-speed switch performance. In this generation of products, the performance has also surpassed the materials of European and American manufacturers that are targeted for the same application. For example, some products can only support up to 8GHz and 10GHz bandwidth, while DIO3340 can support up to 11GHz, making an outstanding contribution to signal fidelity.

Chipsea Technology

Signal chain SOC CSU18M91 with integrated high precision ADC

The signal chain SOC integrated with 24-bit high-precision ADC realizes accurate measurement of human body parameters.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance:

a. High integration: Integrated body impedance measurement module (BIM), 24bit Sigma-Delta ADC, LED/LCD driver to achieve a single-chip solution for 4-electrode AC fat measurement, heart rate measurement, and high-precision body weighing.

b. High accuracy: dynamic impedance ≤±0.1Ω, static impedance ≤±5Ω; compared with the mainstream in the industry, the standard deviation of body fat rate is 0.69%; it can be certified by CFDA; heart rate value 90%≤±3BPM, heart rate value 95%≤± 5BPM.

2. Price competitiveness: a highly integrated single-chip solution with few system peripheral devices.

3. Technological innovation:

a. Through the supporting “Xinlongmen” development platform, the development of graphical interface is realized, and the mass production of the program can be realized within 7-15 days.

b. Integrate the BIM module, with innovative algorithms, to realize the measurement of human health parameters such as body fat rate and heart rate.

c. Built-in MDU – Multiplication and division unit, fast moving data, speeding up local arithmetic operations.

4. Customer service:

a. One-stop solution, providing complete data package output from hardware, software, algorithm to APK.

b. Professional FAE technical support team.

5. Market sales: It has been mass-produced and shipped in large quantities to domestic brand customers, with more than one million shipments.

Hongxin Microelectronics

100G TIA (AM2080)

A low-cost transimpedance amplifier combining wide input dynamic range, high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: AM2080 independently developed by Hongxin Microelectronics can also support single-channel dual-rate (10G/25G), with PIN photodiode, the typical sensitivity value is -18dBm; under the working voltage of 3.3V, the single-channel working current Only 23mA. In terms of product performance, Hongxin’s product is in a leading position in the industry.

2. Price competitiveness: The cost of this product can be reduced by more than 15%, and it has strong competitiveness.

3. Technological innovation: invented a simple high-speed Cherry-Hooper circuit architecture, realized the fT doubler function, and achieved the effect of signal amplification to reduce power consumption under the same conditions; The sensitivity is greatly improved; the chip has a built-in fast-response automatic gain control loop (AGC), which supports a wide input dynamic range.

4. Customer service: In the process of development, major domestic optical module manufacturers are invited to assist in testing and optimizing performance to meet customer needs.

5. Market sales: At present, this product has been mass-produced and is being imported by module manufacturers.

Hongxin Microelectronics

100G SR4 Combo Tx (AM8301)

The domestic original three-in-one (EQ+CDR+LDD) integrated chip with low power consumption and low cost under the same signal amplification conditions.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: The power consumption of AM8301 developed by Hongxin Microelectronics is 680 (4×170) mA, which is lower than the same product on the market.

2. Price competitiveness: Due to the invention of a capacitor amplifier circuit, the cut-off frequency of the CDR loop filter is greatly reduced, thereby significantly reducing the timing jitter of the loop (time base jitter), that is, increasing the time base jitter tolerance, making The cost of the product is significantly reduced, so it has strong competitiveness.

3. Technological innovation: invented a new current mirror technology to improve the current accuracy, and invented a capacitor amplifier circuit, which greatly reduces the cut-off frequency of the CDR loop filter, thereby significantly reducing the timing jitter of the loop (time base jitter) , which increases the time base jitter tolerance.

4. Customer service: In the process of development, major domestic optical module manufacturers are invited to assist in testing and optimizing performance to meet customer needs.

5. Market sales: At present, this product is undergoing the last tapeout, and it will be officially mass-produced and put on the market soon.


Forehead temperature gun high precision op amp

High precision, low voltage, low power consumption, zero temperature drift.

Product introduction:

The working voltage is 1.8-5.5V, the typical offset voltage is 1uV, and the temperature drift is 0.03uV/degree. It is the fifth batch of high-tech achievement transformation projects in Shanghai in 2020. The epidemic prevention and control product forehead thermometer has a leading shipment and has a wide range of applications.

Saiteng Micro

AMS6050X (Q)

A low-dropout linear regulator with high withstand voltage, high power supply rejection ratio, ultra-low power consumption, and high-precision output voltage, with complete current-limiting protection, short-circuit protection, and overheating protection functions to prevent excessive load or abnormal conditions damage the chip.

Product introduction:

1. Product overview and advantages: ASM6050X (Q) is a low dropout linear regulator with high withstand voltage, high power supply rejection ratio, ultra-low power consumption, and high-precision output voltage. The chip has complete current limiting protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection to prevent damage to the chip under excessive load or abnormal conditions. ASM6050X (Q) is suitable for two different battery systems of passenger car (12V) and commercial vehicle (24V), providing stable and reliable power supply input for body control and in-vehicle equipment, and can also be used for power supply system of industrial equipment and home appliances, etc. .

Power management chips are widely used and have a huge market. It is estimated that the market size of power management chips in China will reach 86 billion in 2020, and LDO is the product with the largest demand for power management ICs. High-voltage LDO has always been the world of foreign manufacturers. Compared with similar products, Saiteng’s high-voltage LDO ASM6050 is 30% cheaper than international similar products, and has been shipped in small batches in automotive electronics applications.

2. Technological innovation and competitiveness: ASM6050X (Q) achieves high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), low linear adjustment ratio ( Line regulation) and low load regulation rate (Load regulation), which are far better than similar products from international manufacturers, and are close to or slightly better than similar international products in other performance indicators (output voltage accuracy, input and output voltage dropout, etc.).

ASM6050X (Q) input 60V withstand voltage is suitable for 12V passenger car and 24V commercial vehicle power supply systems, and is superior to similar 40V withstand voltage products in terms of reliability. ASM6050X(Q) not only has triple protection functions of current limiting protection, short circuit protection and overheating protection, but also has power-on output soft-start and peak absorption functions, which greatly reduces the impact on load equipment under severe conditions, and improves system reliability and robustness. sex. For the harsh working conditions of on-board Electronic equipment, the design of ASM6050X (Q) strengthens the anti-surge and anti-disturbance performance in the ISO7637-2 standard, and the EMC performance in the ISO11452 standard. Achieved the highest grade in all item tests for both standards. In terms of ESD capability, ASM6050X (Q) not only exceeds 5000V in Human Body Model (HBM), but also exceeds 2000V in Charged Device Model (CDM) mode, far exceeding similar products.

Changgong Micro

Multiphase power management chip—IS6608A

8-phase parallel output up to 200A, PMBUS communication, has been used in many CPU multi-phase power supply applications.

Product introduction:

The IS6608A is a fully integrated, PMBusTM interface compatible high frequency synchronous buck converter. The highest input voltage is 16V, which can realize the voltage conversion of 0.6-5.5V 35A, can realize the technology of 8-phase parallel connection, the output can be up to 200A, has the first-class load and linear regulation performance, and the self-developed control technology has better transient response than foreign products. The speed is even faster, and the patented function of monitoring the automatic phase drop of the load can be realized. The power management solution has been widely used in dozens of well-known customers such as domestic communications and domestic computers, especially for server CPU multi-phase parallel power supply solutions.


Vehicle-grade multi-cell battery pack monitor chip XL8800 series

The XL8800 series is a high-integration, high-security, high-reliability, and high-precision automotive-grade multi-cell battery pack monitor BMS AFE chip in the industry.

Product introduction:

XL8800 series products: It is an automotive-grade battery pack monitor chip that meets both AEC-Q100 automotive reliability standards and ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standards. The chip focuses on high-precision measurement and low-power design. It uses more optimized algorithms to provide more accurate measurements and more advanced battery capacity balancing functions. It can measure up to 7 to 12 series batteries. It also supports multiple chips. concatenate. It supports the battery measurement range of 0V to 5V and the temperature application range of -40°C to 125°C, and has a wide range of applications in new energy vehicles and other fields.

Features and Benefits:

Support 7 to 12 batteries

Wide operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃

Battery measurement range: 0V ~ 5V

Measurement accuracy: 1.5mV (12 cells)

Measurement time: 250μs

2 independent 16-bit ΣΔ ADCs

High-speed SPI data transfer: 2Mbps

Meets AEC-Q100 automotive reliability standard requirements

Meets ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard ASIL-C requirements

Silicon Valley Digital

ANX2403 Ultra Low Power Full HD Embedded DisplayPort™ 1.4 (eDP) Timing Controller (TCON)

ANX2403 is the product of Digital Analog’s comprehensive capabilities in low-power technology, embedded touch technology and high dynamic range (HDR) technology, with the industry’s lowest power consumption, improved image performance, and a slim bezel design that reduces Display Panel manufacturing cost, making the panel thinner and lighter.

Product introduction:

This TCON is the full HD eDP timing controller with the lowest power consumption in the industry. It adopts 28nm process technology to reduce the power consumption of full HD 60Hz to 60mW. Its power consumption is 35% lower than that of 40nm process technology, and more than 50% lower than that of 55nm process technology, making it the timing controller with the lowest power consumption in the industry. In addition, the ANX2403 supports Intel’s Low Refresh Rate (LRR) and PSR2, which further reduces power consumption. Low-power implementation, “with a lot of different dimensions in it”. “The improvement of the process is the most important impact.” “In addition, the PSR brings a further reduction in the power consumption of the system. PSR is a self-refresh technology. Under the blessing of this technology, there will be a buffer inside the TCON for use. In order to maintain the image Display, there is no need to receive video data from the front end. If it is a still image, the GPU can enter a low-power state, and the eDP main link is closed; even if it is a dynamic image, there may still be multiple frame content unchanged. , so it can also save power consumption. Later PSR2, it further realizes that only the modified picture area is transmitted, that is, selective transmission. In addition to the aforementioned process, the power consumption brought by PSR is better,”

The transmission speed of DisplayPort is relatively high. ANX2403 uses eDP 1.4 – in the implementation of eDP, Silicon Valley Digital has some unique secrets to achieve low power consumption, so whether it is 55nm or 28nm, it can maintain lower power consumption than competitors.

Runshi Technology

High input withstand voltage high power supply ripple rejection ratio low power consumption linear regulator RS3007

The input voltage is up to 45V, the PSRR is up to [email protected], the power consumption is only 3uA, and the load capacity is 300mA.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: high PSRR, strong anti-surge ability, small pressure difference, low power consumption, excellent transient response;

2. Price competitiveness: provide highly competitive price support;

3. Technological innovation: solve the problem of low PSRR of high voltage LDO and reduce power consumption at the same time;

4. Customer service: short delivery time, real-time technical support;

5. Market sales: in bulk shipments.

Yangxing Technology

Programmable crystal oscillator chip LC4800

The world’s ultra-thin IC, the jitter value is 50% lower than the traditional one, and the frequency range is nearly half higher than the traditional one.

Product introduction:

1. 1-200MHz frequency can be programmed arbitrarily, 100% perfectly compatible replacement;

2. Low cost, zero inventory, high turnover, greatly shortening the opening cycle;

3. IC is produced and sold by itself, breaking the pressure of foreign monopoly;

4. Samples are produced in 2 seconds, and batches are quickly delivered within 24h-48h, reducing the risk of stocking;

5. The sales growth rate in the past two years has exceeded 100%, and the total output value is expected to exceed 100 million in 2021.

Ruimeng Technology

High precision ADC MS5192T

MS5192T is a 16-bit 3-channel differential input Sigma Delta ADC with built-in PGA, reference and current source, which is very suitable for applications such as industrial temperature measurement and precision measurement.

Product introduction:

This product is a 16-bit 3-channel differential input Sigma Delta ADC with built-in PGA, reference and current source, which is very suitable for applications such as industrial temperature measurement and precision measurement;

The product performance is excellent, and the price has advantages compared with European and American competitors;

At present, it has been used in batches by well-known leading customers in the industrial control industry.

Ruimeng Technology

High precision ADC MS5193T

MS5193T is a 24-bit 3-channel differential input Sigma Delta ADC with built-in PGA, reference and current source, which is very suitable for applications such as industrial temperature measurement and precision measurement.

Product introduction:

This product is a 24-bit 3-channel differential input Sigma Delta ADC with built-in PGA, reference and current source, which is very suitable for applications such as industrial temperature measurement and precision measurement;

The product performance is excellent, and the price has advantages compared with European and American competitors;

At present, it has been used in batches by well-known leading customers in the industrial control industry.

Voda Semiconductor

NU1680-Low Power Wireless Receiving System-on-Chip (SOC)

The NU1680 is a highly integrated wireless power receiver with low cost and small PCB area, suitable for wireless power receiving solutions.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: NU1680 is a highly integrated wireless power receiver. Compared with traditional wireless power receivers, it only needs less peripheral components. It is a low cost and small PCB area wireless power receiving solution. Since no firmware is required for programming, it greatly simplifies design work and makes it easier and faster to integrate solutions. It integrates a synchronous rectifier without bootstrap capacitors for high efficiency and low cost. It can provide a wide range of voltage regulation from 3.5V to 9V, which is suitable for different applications.

In addition, it can regulate the output voltage to track the battery voltage, further reducing the power consumption of the charging system. The NU1680 can communicate with the transmitting system via ASK. Communication conforms to WPC V1.2.4. FOD parameters can be configured through the I2C interface or external resistors to pass the FOD test. The NU1680 also supports connecting to the main AP for communication via the I2C interface. Provides external interrupts, battery voltage ADC value, output current, etc. The NU1680 also supports standard protection functions such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown. These protection measures further increase the reliability of the system solution.

2. Technological innovation:

The peripheral devices are extremely simplified, less than 12;

Wireless charging efficiency>70%;

Optimized no-load power consumption, <15mA;

Compliant with WPC Qi certification;

Package: 16-QFN 3.0mm x 3.0mm, the smallest package in the industry.

3. Customer service & market sales: The company has provided solutions for well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and has achieved mass production. The response to the market has been very positive. We also continue to invest in research and development to ensure continuous technological innovation and help customers reduce more costs. , to promote domestic cores.

Micro source semiconductor

PMIC (screen dedicated power management chip) LP6289

LCD panel power supply and Gamma 2-in-1 chip, high integration makes customer’s design more convenient, the dynamic adjustment of Gamma improves the uniformity of panel image quality, supports 21.5″~70″, 1080p, 4k 8k resolution LCD screen, coverage wide.

Product introduction:

Product performance:

1. The 2-in-1 chip design includes the basic voltage and Gamma (display grayscale) functions required by the LCD panel, including AVDD, VGH, VGL, and VGHM, etc., which makes the customer’s design more convenient and improves the panel image quality. uniformity.

2. The I2C interface is more convenient for customers’ product design, saves the size of the board and passive components around the chip, and improves the competitiveness of customers’ products in the market.

3. In the power supply part, in addition to providing the power supply requirements of the LCD, there is also a reserved step-down circuit to provide the power supply requirements on the Tcon Board, which saves the time for customers to select materials during design.

4. In the gray scale part, P-Gamma can provide more convenient dynamic adjustment during design, and can also make customer products more consistent and uniform to meet the international standard requirements.

5. When designing the IC, reserve lines that can add MOSFET tubes, so that the chip can support LCD screens with resolutions ranging from 21.5″~70″, 1080p, 4k and even 8k, and the coverage of customer products is wider.

6. Support each group of outputs, under-voltage (UVP), over-voltage (OVP), over-current (OCP) and short-circuit (SCP) protection, making customers’ products more secure.

Price Competitiveness: The product is cost-effective

Technological innovation:

1. Digital and analog mixed mode design

2. Highly integrated power management chip, built-in TFT-LCD power supply and high-efficiency step-down chip

3. The P-Gamma design dedicated to TFT LCD can provide dynamic adjustment to improve product consistency and uniformity

4. I2C controls the TFT-LCD power supply bias, which can adjust the output voltage more accurately

5. Reserve MOSFET drive circuit to increase the output capability of AVDD, which can support 100″ 4K/8k screen use, covering a wider range

6. Built-in low voltage (UVP), over voltage (OVP), over current (OCP) and short circuit (SCP) protection, the product is safer

Customer service: short delivery cycle, localized technical support, fast response

Market sales: It is expected that after the product is launched, the sales will reach 20 million yuan

Taisil Micro

Low-power MCU TC603 with integrated ultra-high performance AFE interface

Professional-grade single-chip sensor interface MCU, low-noise professional-grade op amp integrated in low-power MCU.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: As a digital-analog hybrid chip, the most important thing is to be able to take into account the key performance parameters of both analog and digital aspects. Taisil Micro has fully considered this in the process of defining and building TC603. The patented technology Tinywork™ and its unique hardware architecture reduce the working current to the extreme (uA level); in the analog aspect, the performance of key analog peripherals including OP, PGA, ADC, DAC, etc., has been improved to the level of professional devices. Key power consumption optimizations such as internal power supply, RTC, etc., further reduce standby power consumption.

2. Price competitiveness: All products of Taisil Micro are characterized by “one” instead of “N”, integrating the functions of multiple chips or devices to systematically reduce the cost of application solutions.

3. Technological innovation: The unique hardware architecture reduces power consumption; the reconfigurable analog circuit combination is compatible with all types of sensors.

4. Customer service: Provide complete technical information and training to simplify the learning curve for users; provide comprehensive software and hardware tools that are easy to use; provide timely on-site support to ensure full-process services from R&D to productization.

5. Market sales: cooperation and orders from many leading customers have been obtained.

Steddy Semiconductor

Video Optical Transceiver Single Chip Solution SC2216/SC2716

The only high-integration (16-channel) analog optical transceiver single-chip solution at home and abroad, with a market share of more than 95%.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: The single-chip solution integrates the filters, amplifiers, data converters, SERDES and FPGA of the analog optical transceiver to provide a complete 16-channel video optical transceiver performance, which greatly improves the system integration and reliability;

2. Price competitiveness: The single-chip solution reduces the related costs of the original 16-channel video optical transceiver by 80%, gaining more than 95% of the market share in one fell swoop;

3. Technological innovation: The single-chip solution innovatively improves the core algorithm of the video optical transceiver, and greatly reduces the internal data rate under the same performance conditions, thus achieving ultra-high integration;

4. Customer service: Due to the uniqueness of this single-chip solution, all customers in the industry rely on the design guidelines and standard drivers provided by the company;

5. Market sales: The market share exceeds 95%.

Ziguang core energy

Wireless charging receiver chip THP9330 and series products

Domestic high-power, high-efficiency, and cost-effective wireless charging chips are compatible with wireless charging applications of various standard powers such as 5W/7.5W/10W/15W and 20W.

Product introduction:

1. Product performance: THP9330 series product is a high-power, high-efficiency wireless charging receiver chip that conforms to the Qi standard. The chip integrates a high-efficiency synchronous rectifier circuit and an LDO circuit. The output power is up to 20W, providing a programmable voltage output of 5~15.6V. The internal design of the position alignment circuit can be used to indicate the alignment between the transmitter and receiver coils. In order to achieve the best coupling effect, an overall more efficient charging solution can be provided for different application scenarios.

At the same time, comprehensive and effective protection mechanisms such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature can also keep the system in a safe and optimal working state. With fewer peripheral devices, an efficient and complete wireless charging receiver solution can be built. The core performance indicators of this series of products have reached the level of similar international competing products, and have been recognized in the field of non-mobile phone applications. The evaluation of mobile phone manufacturers is also underway, and it is expected to enter the mobile phone supply chain in the future and complete the domestic substitution in the field of wireless fast charging chips.

2. Price competitiveness: Compared with similar products, the overall cost performance of the product is very high.

3. Technological innovation: The MOS synchronous rectification technology used in the THP9330 series enables the coil AC input to the chip DC output efficiency to reach 95%, and the loss is extremely low. It is a high-efficiency wireless energy transmission system;

THP9330 series chips are compatible with wireless charging applications that support QI protocol for various standard powers such as 5W/7.5W/10W/15W and 20W. During use, the internal logic of the chip can adjust the voltage and power output state according to the transmitter settings to achieve expected power conditions. When the chip detects that the transmitter does not have high-power transmission conditions, it will automatically adjust to the low-power transmission state that the transmitter can receive, and does not need to be reset. At the same time, the chip can support various wireless transmission private protocols to ensure high compatibility;

The THP9330 series chip supports the foreign object detection (FOD) mechanism in the wireless charging process. During the wireless charging process, the chip can accurately calculate the actual power consumption and estimate the energy lost in the air for wireless charging. In this way, when a metal or similar object enters the charging field by mistake, the vortex energy loss energy generated by it can be obtained by subtracting the actual consumption and air loss from the transmitted energy. When this is detected, the system shuts down the wireless charging process to ensure that metal or similar objects do not become hot due to electromagnetic fields and create possible safety issues. Combined with its own complete overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature detection and protection shutdown mechanism, different from the traditional wireless charging and receiving system without FOD mechanism, THP9330 series chips can ensure that the wireless charging process is always in a safe and reliable condition.

4. Customer service: The company has reached cooperation with domestic mainstream manufacturers to provide high-quality products and services for many international first-line brand customers, and output high brand influence and brand value.

5. Market sales: THP9330 series chips are widely used in TWS earphones, wearable electronic devices and other consumer electronics fields. At present, the shipments of THP9330 and similar series products have exceeded millions, which are favored by the market and are expected to play a role in the future. Greater economic efficiency and market value.



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