Keysight Technologies Provides Immersive Online Learning Platform for R&D Executives and Engineers

Keysight Technologies Provides Immersive Online Learning Platform for R&D Executives and Engineers

October 29, 2021, Beijing, China – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announced the launch of the Keysight Cloud Classroom, an interactive online platform to help engineers learn test and measurement fundamentals, engineering design skills, and industry best practices. Keysight Technologies provides advanced design and verification test solutions designed to accelerate innovation and create a secure, connected world.

Given the large customer base of engineers and R&D executives looking to keep pace with emerging technologies such as cellular 5G, quantum and connected cars, Keysight has created an immersive online learning platform specifically to help them learn engineering more easily Knowledge.

The course focuses on the skills that engineers need to master in the face of new technological developments. Keysight Cloud Classroom provides a wealth of relevant resources, including precision digital and RF measurement methods, industry standards, software test automation, and the Internet of Things, to equip engineers with powerful tools to overcome engineering test challenges.

“Keysight is delighted that more and more industry-renowned corporate clients, as well as teachers and students from universities around the world, are using this learning platform to support their professional development,” said Jeff Harris, vice president of global marketing at Keysight. .In the coming years, we will fully support the development of engineering education and create better learning conditions for customers, students, educators and lifelong learners.”

To date, Keysight Cloud Classroom has opened more than 130 courses, all developed and published for remote working models, focusing on providing knowledge related to leading technology topics such as 5G, automotive, high-speed digital, cybersecurity, Aerospace Engineering and Quantum Computing, etc.

As of September 2021, more than 32,000 engineers from 191 countries have signed up for Keysight Cloud Classroom. This community of engineers has accumulated over 81,000 course registrations.

Ralph Presros, Senior Research Engineer, Coexistence and Electromagnetic Compatibility Systems Integration, said: “The most effective way to learn to improve your ability is by far a multi-pronged approach, including reading or watching a video. Keysight knows this. , with a wide range of training materials, from application notes to webinars, to give engineers the knowledge they need today and into the future.”

Keysight Cloud Classroom offers courses in the following key areas:


· Aerospace and Defense

·Automobile and energy

· Design and Simulation

·Digital test

·Internet of Things (IoT)

·Network Security and Testing


Radio frequency (RF) testing

·semiconductor testing

·Automated test software

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