iOS14.4 heavy update, be careful with third-party repairs

iOS14.4 heavy update, be careful with third-party repairs

Although Apple has made many efforts in revenue diversification in recent years, it has also been recognized by users and investors, and its market value and stock price have reached new highs, but it is undeniable that the iPhone is still Apple’s largest overall revenue. Source, everything about the iPhone, Apple will try its best to grasp, especially after-sales, Apple has shown a trend of gradually tightening in recent years.

You may find that if your iPhone is replaced with non-original accessories, you will be prompted by the system. For this function, users are very welcome, which can basically prevent third-party repairers from shoddy behavior. The screen and battery were previously , If you use non-original accessories after repair, you will not only be prompted by the system, but also some functions will be restricted (but will not affect the use of the phone).

Today, the range of iPhone non-original accessories system prompts has expanded again, this time it’s the camera’s turn.

iOS14.4 heavy update, be careful with third-party repairs

Since iOS 14.4 is still in beta, some functions will not be pushed to everyone, but this does not prevent developers from digging. Recently, some technicians have been analyzing iOS 14.4 and found that Apple has added a Some new codes are designed to issue a system warning when an iPhone has been replaced with a non-original lens.

The warning will be very direct, not only in the system-settings-about, it will prompt “cannot verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple camera”, just like the following picture prompts that it cannot be verified as the original Display (the non-original battery will also have similar prompt), and even this prompt will pop up directly on the lock screen page.

iOS14.4 heavy update, be careful with third-party repairs

Of course, this reminder will not have any adverse effect on the user’s use of the device. The only function is to remind the user to use non-original accessories, which is of course a good thing for the user. Some third-party repairers can no longer use non-original accessories to fool Users, but everyone can only spend high prices on official channels for maintenance in the future.

However, some unauthorized third-party manufacturers can always get official accessories through special channels, which obviously damages the interests of official after-sales and authorized repairers. Apple is also prepared for this situation and has begun to detect through the server cloud. to verify after-sales service eligibility.

iOS14.4 heavy update, be careful with third-party repairs

The specific operation of this server-level detection is that when a technician tries to repair the iPhone, he needs to connect to the Apple server for verification through special system configuration software.

It has been confirmed that the iPhone 12 series models are subject to such verification procedures during maintenance, but it cannot be confirmed whether all subsequent iPhone after-sales repairs have to go through this step. A fatal blow.

For users, rather than risk being replaced with inferior accessories, the safety and stability of the iPhone after repair is the most important thing.

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