Internet companies have streamlined personnel? The road to transformation meets the tide of layoffs, what should the future of the Internet look like?

Internet companies have streamlined personnel? The road to transformation meets the tide of layoffs, what should the future of the Internet look like?

According to a report by Sina Technology on December 10, the end of this year, Internet people are not having a good time. In addition to the iQIYI layoffs on the hot search, big companies such as ByteDance, Baidu, Kuaishou, and Tencent have also reported about staff reduction and business adjustments. In the wave of layoffs in major factories, those who have left their jobs posted the last work license on social platforms and said goodbye. Apart from the joy of the rest of their lives, they were also mixed with fear. The next one might be. It’s your turn.

There is no need to take the time to the most prosperous 15 or 16 years of the Internet development. Every autumn recruits, becoming a big factory employee is the heart of the fresh graduates. It is worthwhile to be able to get their own badges through layers of screening. It is “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate”. Every day, Beijing Subway Line 13 is crowded with employees of major factories with various badges, transporting them to the land of milk and honey.

Almost every employee of a major factory who was laid off is thinking about this issue. The ability to get a pass from a major Internet company first proves that they are 211, 985 or graduated from a well-known overseas university. They have not encountered setbacks in their past reading careers. Secondly, compared with peers, that big factory badge brings high salaries, opportunities and even hidden advantages in blind dates.

Many people are asking what happened to the Internet? To tell the truth, many people will be surprised to see the news of layoffs from a large number of Internet giants. Why is there such a phenomenon? Why do the most popular Internet companies face such development problems? What is the reason for this? How should we look at it?

First of all, we must understand that China’s Internet has been developing at a high speed for so many years, and it has actually entered a special stage of the development life cycle. We can think that the current Chinese Internet industry has entered the development life cycle and has grown from the original rapid development. It is a process of transition from stage to mature stage, so in such a process, it will inevitably face a painful period of transformation. From the perspective of the industrial life cycle, for any industrial enterprise, after a certain stage of development, There will inevitably be a reduction in profit levels, and the entire market will change from the original. The stage of universal profit or universal dividend has gradually entered an overall profit level, tending to the state of the average profit level of the entire society. This is a very normal market phenomenon and can be said to be an inevitable result of industrial development.

Secondly, let’s look at China’s entire Internet industry. The reason why we see that the current financial reports of the Internet industry may not be satisfactory. Many people will think whether the golden age of Internet companies has passed. We can say that the definition of this golden age is The problem is that the so-called golden age does not mean that non-regulation is the golden age. For the current Internet companies, they must learn how to dance with shackles and how to develop in compliance with the increasingly standardized supervision of the market. This is At present, the entire Internet companies must face things. For China’s Internet industry, the period of the Internet’s overall development advantages has not passed. Under the background of the information revolution, the Internet is still the future development direction, and technology companies still have very Good market development prospects only mean that learning to comply with regulations may be a relatively big problem for the Internet.

Third, from the perspective of long-term market development, China’s Internet industry is actually quite promising, especially in the fields of advanced technology, technology research and development, and diversified scenarios. China’s Internet is actually still in a golden period of development. The era of making quick money has passed. Internet companies must learn how to switch from making quick money to truly relying on technological strength to make money.

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