Intel pushes 10nm base station chip Atom P5900: designed to meet 5G needs

Intel pushes 10nm base station chip Atom P5900: designed to meet 5G needs

According to foreign media reports, the much-anticipated 5G has been commercialized last year, and the scope of commercial use will be further expanded this year, and the demand for 5G network equipment and 5G terminals will further increase. The processors required by these devices are important. Most importantly, chip giant Intel has launched a variety of 5G products.

Intel launched 5G products on Monday, local time, including the 10-nanometer base station chip Atom P5900, 5G network acceleration structured application-specific integrated circuit Diamond Mesa and Ethernet 700 series network adapters, which can meet key 5G network needs.

Among the three products launched by Intel, the Atom P5900 is Intel’s first 10nm-based wireless base station chip, designed to meet the needs of key 5G networks, including current and future 5G base station needs.

To experience a 5G network with high transmission speed and low latency, consumers must have available 5G network and 5G terminal equipment. 5G network requires operators to deploy a large number of 5G base stations to build, and 5G base stations need base station chips to ensure the signal. transmission. The 5G base station chip Atom P5900 launched by Intel is also very important for the deployment of 5G base stations.

As the industry transitions to 5G, they continue to see network infrastructure as the most important opportunity, said Navin Shenoy, Intel executive vice president and general manager of the Data Platforms Group.

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