India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki will continue to close factories for another week

India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki will continue to close factories for another week

On May 11, it is reported that due to the continued deterioration of the epidemic in India, India’s largest automaker Maruti Suzuki (the parent company is Japan’s Suzuki) will continue to close its factories for a week.

Maruti Suzuki, headquartered in New Delhi, India, said in an exchange filing on Saturday that it would extend the closure of its factories from May 9 to May 16 “taking into account the current COVID-19 situation.” Maruti Suzuki earlier brought forward to May 9 a maintenance shutdown originally planned for June, mainly to help deliver oxygen to hospitals, the report said.

This was confirmed in the report of the Japanese media on April 30. The Japanese media said that due to the severe situation of the epidemic in India, medical oxygen could not meet the needs of rescue, Indian hospitals have begun to use industrial oxygen for emergency rescue, and Maruti Suzuki Company due to industrial oxygen supply The shortage closed three factories in India.

Affected by the shutdown, Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki, previously revealed that some of the company’s sales outlets in India have been closed, and the shutdown may cause the company to cut its production capacity in half.

It is understood that on Friday (7th), the Japanese automaker, Honda Motor, also announced the suspension of its auto manufacturing operations in India, expanding the scope of the shutdown in the country.

The Japanese automaker has brought forward planned maintenance at its plant in India’s northwestern state of Rajasthan, which will remain closed until May 18.

Previously, Honda had suspended its Indian motorcycle manufacturing operations from May 1 to 15 in an effort to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.

It is reported that since the resurgence of the new crown epidemic in India in late March, the number of new patients per day has risen sharply, and the recent daily increase has remained above 300,000 cases per day for several consecutive days. Nearly half of the world’s total new cases. According to the latest data on May 10, there are still more than 370,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in India per day, and there is still no obvious sign of a decline.

In order to support India’s fight against the epidemic, the Global Times quoted Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong’s Twitter message on May 9 that the first batch of 100 oxygen generators, 40 ventilators and other anti-epidemic materials donated by the Red Cross Society of China have been shipped from Chengdu. Arrived in India; according to Chinese customs data, China has supplied India with more than 5,000 ventilators, more than 21,000 oxygen generators and other large quantities of anti-epidemic materials since April.

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