Huawei’s most expensive terminal smart screen X65 released, “zero distance” wall design is too intimate

Huawei’s most expensive terminal smart screen X65 released, “zero distance” wall design is too intimate

At the Huawei Spring New Product Launch Conference on the evening of April 8, Huawei released the smart screen X65, which is amazing in appearance: it uses a 65-inch high-screen OLED screen with a thickness of 24.9mm to achieve “zero distance” sticking to the wall. design. For the first time, the Huawei Smart Screen X65 adopts the whole-body aluminum alloy anodizing process, which is stamped and formed seamlessly. At the same time, it adopts a 5mm-thick one-piece stamped seamless screen panel, which takes into account the strength and lightness, and is supplemented by the metal wire drawing process.

In terms of color Display, Huawei Smart Screen X65 adopts a new generation of 65-inch 4K OLED self-luminous screen, equipped with HiSilicon’s new self-developed Honghu 898 flagship smart chip designed for OLED, and supports MEMC dynamic picture compensation, HDR high dynamic range imaging, SD Super-resolution algorithm, supports DTM dynamic tone mapping, LDCI local dynamic contrast enhancement, and CGM color precision management.

In terms of sound quality assurance, the speakers of Huawei Smart Screen X65 are inspired by the sound arrangement design of the sound-transparent screen in the theater. A total of 14 speakers of full frequency, high frequency and low frequency form a full-screen sound array, including 2 double-frame ultra-thin subwoofers, 6 natural silk diaphragm dome high frequency units, 6 carbon fiber dual drive full frequency units. In addition, natural silk and carbon fiber diaphragms are used to create high-quality speakers and bring better performance of music details.

As a smart screen product that surpasses traditional TVs, Huawei Smart Screen X65 uses a 2400W ultra-wide-angle AI camera, is equipped with self-developed HiSilicon dual NPU chips, has 4T super computing power, supports gesture control, AI smart review, and AI fitness 2.0.

As previously advertised by Huawei, this current Huawei’s most expensive terminal is priced at 24,999 yuan and will go on sale on April 26.

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