Huawei’s 5G mobile phone returns, once again breaking the foreign technology monopoly and pushing prices to new heights

Huawei’s 5G mobile phone returns, once again breaking the foreign technology monopoly and pushing prices to new heights

Yesterday, Huawei held a full-scenario smart life new product launch, including a new folding screen mobile phone, priced at nearly 20,000, setting a new high for mobile phone prices. At the same time, it announced at the press conference that it ranks first in the domestic folding screen mobile phone market. , pressing down on Samsung, the leader in folding screen phones.

Huawei’s 5G mobile phone returns, once again breaking the foreign technology monopoly and pushing prices to new heights

The new folding phone released by Huawei is named Mate X2 Collector’s Edition. It is equipped with the Hongmeng system independently developed by Huawei. Relying on the advantages of the combination of software and hardware, it has obtained an excellent comprehensive experience of the trinity of top hardware, innovative interaction and application ecology, redefining folding. The industry standard for screen mobile phones.

One of the major technological breakthroughs of this mobile phone is the use of nano-ceramic glass material on the outer screen. In the past, the special glass used in mobile phones has been monopolized by Corning of the United States and Asahi Glass of Japan. The new glass technologies developed by them are given priority to Samsung and Adopted by Apple, China has been lagging behind in glass technology. Today, the nano-ceramic glass developed in China has the characteristics of being harder, more scratch-resistant, and more resistant to falling, which has created a new road for mobile phone glass. Huawei said that the anti-drop performance of the mate X2 using nano-ceramic glass has been improved by 5 times, which is unique in the folding mobile phone industry and solves the durability problem of folding screen mobile phones.

Huawei has always insisted on independent research and development in the research and development of folding screen mobile phone technology. The Mate X2 Collector’s Edition released today once again breaks the monopoly of foreign technology on glass, which undoubtedly proves its long-term support for domestic independent technology research and development, and strives to support the domestic mobile phone industry. The chain breaks the foreign monopoly.

It is worth noting that the Mate X2 Collector’s Edition supports 5G technology. The P50 Pro it released in July cannot support 5G, which makes people question that its 5G radio frequency chip has been used up. At that time, it was reported that it was actively developing 5G with the domestic mobile phone industry chain. Radio frequency chips, now the Mate X2 Collection Edition supports 5G technology, which may mean that domestic 5G radio frequency chips have also broken foreign technology monopoly.

Due to the unique technical advantages of the Mate X2 Collector’s Edition, Huawei has further increased the price of this phone to 19,699 yuan, a new high for smartphones. In contrast, the prices of folding screen phones launched by other competitors are falling. There is no doubt that It is because of the lack of its own unique technical advantages, which also proves Huawei’s confidence in its own mobile phone technology.

In the folding mobile phone market, Huawei is the first mobile phone company in the world to release a folding screen mobile phone. Relying on its leading technological advantages, it has been leading the development of the folding screen mobile phone market in the domestic market. Huawei said that as of the third quarter of this year, its foldable phone shipments tripled year-on-year, ranking first in the domestic foldable phone market.

Due to well-known reasons, the shipment of Huawei’s mobile phones has continued to decline since Q4 2020, and has fallen to the eighth place in the world in the second quarter of this year, while it ranked first in the world in the same period last year. The change will undoubtedly cause a major blow.

In the face of such a major blow, Huawei still insists on investing hundreds of billions of dollars in technology research and development every year. The two major technological breakthroughs made by the Mate X2 Collector’s Edition this time highlight its persistence in core technology research and development, no matter how difficult it is. Promote technology research and development and continue to challenge the status of foreign technology leaders.

Huawei announced its results for the first three quarters of this year earlier. The results show that its revenue is still as high as more than 450 billion yuan. It has achieved such good results in the face of well-known obstacles. This has also become the basis for its continued investment in technology research and development. It will walk out of a new development path as soon as possible and lead China’s independent technology research and development to continue to advance.

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