Huawei Honor applies for three new trademarks, and there is another big move?

Huawei Honor applies for three new trademarks, and there is another big move?

With the development of 5G, AI and other technologies, it has become more and more common for some technology companies to enter other fields. Alibaba makes chips and Gree manufactures mobile phones. Each company is constantly improving its business in order to satisfy consumers in many aspects. need. Recently, some netizens discovered that Huawei Honor has applied for three new trademarks, which are “Honor Home”, “Honor Go” and “Honor Work”. From these names, it is not difficult to see that Honor is likely to launch products designed for home, smart wear and office fields in the overseas market.

At present, Honor has many products in the above fields. For example, in terms of home use, smart body fat scales and Honor routers, and in the field of smart wear, Honor has also launched Honor Watch, Honor Band and other products. And on November 26, Honor will hold a new product launch conference in Beijing. In addition to the new flagship Honor V30 that everyone is looking forward to, more Honor smart hardware products will also be unveiled.

Honor wireless charger

The Honor wireless charger adopts a circular design. The material above the charger is similar to textile, and it also has a cross-shaped non-slip rubber, which should be to prevent the phone from falling during charging. It is reported that this wireless charger supports up to 40W fast charging, which is consistent with the previous 3C certification information. According to online reports, in order to surpass its rivals, Honor’s wired and wireless algorithms have been changed to shorten the trickle charging time. In the appointment interface of the Honor V30 series, the new Honor wireless charger has been opened for appointment simultaneously.

Honor Smart Body Fat Scale 2

The Honor Smart Body Fat Scale 2 retains the white body color scheme of the previous generation, but has made some innovations in the body design. The middle is composed of 4 arc shapes to synthesize a silver circular pattern, tempered glass is used as the bearing surface, and the bottom is made of plastic. Material. This product will still retain the measurement of key body indicators such as BMI (body mass index), body weight, body fat rate, water rate, etc. of the previous generation scales. In addition, the “electrocardiogram” logo in the poster is also particularly eye-catching. , which may indicate that the heart rate monitoring function of the Honor Smart Body Fat Scale 2 will be greatly improved!

glory hunter router

So far, Honor has a number of routers on sale, and has been unanimously recognized by the market and consumers for its good signal and fast speed. As the domestic e-sports market develops faster and faster, there will be a great breakthrough in the output value of this field, with broad development prospects. Honor also saw this opportunity and launched e-sports routing products.

Previously, Xiong Junmin, vice president of Honor products, published a popular science article on Zhihu – “Old Bear Science: Why is the Wi-Fi signal very good, and occasionally lags when playing games”, the main selling point of the Honor Hunter game routing is also Expose accordingly. In general, in addition to the hexagonal cutting design and the appearance of the wrap-around light effect, the Honor Hunter game router has the main attraction points – chip-level Wi-Fi dual-link transmission, mobile game acceleration mode and game-specific X-antenna, dedicated gaming Wi-Fi path, these are new features designed around improving Wi-Fi signal and gaming latency.

The Honor Hunter router supports Game Turbo dual-channel game acceleration. Officials say that it can greatly reduce packet loss. It also supports Game Mode and mobile phone acceleration mode upgrades. It can identify 3,000 mobile games, and has a built-in Xunyou Accelerator that supports host and PC acceleration. , this router is also on the shelves.

HiLink connects the smart home

Compared with Xiaomi, Huawei entered the game later, but developed faster. At the end of 2015, Huawei officially released the HiLink strategy for smart homes, trying to connect more brand products to create an IoT ecosystem.

The Huawei HiLink smart home developer platform takes the HUAWEI HiLink protocol as the core and pushes the protocol to partners, so that smart devices of third-party cooperative brands can be connected to Huawei IoT. Through protocol conversion, Huawei routers can maintain an ecosystem with a plug-in application, and every ecological smart device may become part of Huawei’s smart home.

According to Huawei’s performance report for the first half of 2019, Huawei’s HiLink ecosystem has brought together 260+ brands, covering more than 500 products, and has 30 million+ users.

1+8+N, realizing the interconnection of all things

As a leader in the global 5G industry, Huawei actively undertakes the responsibility of promoting the Internet of Everything to become a leader in the smart Internet, and proposes a “1+8+N” all-scenario strategic layout to help developers and partners accessing Huawei’s terminal cloud services accelerate application innovation.

Among them, “1” represents a smartphone; “8” represents 8 auxiliary entrances; “N” represents other IoT devices. The smartphone is the main entrance, and eight auxiliary entrances are used, including tablets, PCs, TVs, in-vehicle devices, smart influencers, smart headphones, smart watches, smart glasses, etc., to connect many IoT devices, including smart travel, audio-visual entertainment, Sports health, smart home, etc. Huawei has the confidence and ability to do a good job in the interconnection of all devices, so that users can manage all devices through several portals, and finally realize the Internet of Things era where everything is interconnected!

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