Huawei cooperates with Tajikistan operator Megafon to lead the local launch of 5G services

Huawei cooperates with Tajikistan operator Megafon to lead the local launch of 5G services

On February 28, 2020, Huawei and Tajikistan operator Megafon opened the first 5G site in Dushanbe, the capital, and started the first phase of 5G network operation.

According to Huawei, the first 5G site in Tajikistan was successfully opened by guiding operators to subscribe for suitable spectrum, site planning, installation and debugging, covering Somny Square in the center of the capital. The test rate exceeds 1G per second, which can be used for ordinary Free experience for the public. In addition, Huawei’s 5G contracts with Tcell and Tacom are also under negotiation and will be deployed one after another this year.

MegaFon is a Russian mobile operator officially established in 2002. At present, MegaFon is the second largest operator in Russia in terms of revenue and number of users, and occupies the first position in the mobile broadband market. This achievement stems from the fact that MegaFon has invested heavily in the mobile broadband field since 2009. Russia’s vast territory and very underdeveloped fixed broadband infrastructure represent an opportunity for MegaFon, which not only provides mobile communication services to all Russians, but also Internet access. At present, MegaFon’s share in the mobile broadband market is as high as 42%, and its profits are quite lucrative.

In Russia, most people use mobile services indoors, so his network has to handle more indoor voice and data traffic, Ermakov said. MegaFon hopes to obtain more low-frequency spectrum resources to solve the indoor signal coverage problem. Meanwhile, MegaFon is actively buying fixed network assets. The biggest challenge in integrating these two disparate networks is not technology, nor business models, but culture. Blending the cultures of fixed and mobile operators is challenging.

Ermakov believes that the telecommunications industry will no longer be a technology-driven industry, it will evolve to be driven by customer needs and delivering content to customers. He also spoke highly of Huawei, saying that Huawei’s equipment and services are satisfactory, and the work attitude of Huawei’s employees is particularly admirable.

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