High-performance packet processor for higher network throughput

High-performance packet processor for higher network throughput

GE Intelligent Platform” title=”GE Intelligent Platform”>GE Intelligent Platform released WANic 6354 for high-capacity IP network” title=”IP network”>IP network WANic 6354″ title=”WANic 6354″>WANic 6354 intelligent high-performance packet” title=”packet” > packet handler. The processor is based on the latest multi-core Cavium OCTEON II CN6335-AAP application accelerator processor, which combines several advanced technologies for higher network speed and more advanced security features in the network. With a comprehensive development kit that reduces time to return on investment, the WANic 6354 provides customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. Evaluation boards are coming in September.

The WANic 6354 IP packet processor is suitable for a variety of network applications including session border control, secure access, network address translation (NAT), traffic management, firewalls, deep packet inspection (DPI) and lawful interception, secure IP communications, encryption , packet filtering, network monitoring/testing, etc.

“The rapid growth of search engines, cloud computing, Internet retailing, Web 2.0, mobile devices, online gaming, and more is driving unprecedented levels of network traffic, often requiring large server farms,” ​​said Rubin Dhillon, global director of product management for intelligent platform communications at GE. , many customers consider the security and integrity of network communications critical and therefore need to manage the available bandwidth to optimize customer service. The WANic 6354 packet processor will play a central role in these networks, reducing network throughput and increasing network communications volume, thus providing an economical and efficient solution.”

Dhillon added: “In addition to this, the new generation of OCTEON processors brings new levels of energy efficiency through new technologies, so products such as the WANic 6354 can save a lot of energy.”

The new OCTEON II processor has four times the performance of its predecessor, more features, faster operation, and higher traffic, but consumes the same or less power than its predecessor, so the WANic 6354 packet processor can Provide customers with higher performance with the same energy consumption and cost. By offloading some of the communication processing, network traffic is increased, and customers are able to improve their products through network security, encryption, and compression. Without these, customers will need more common processor computing, more server boards, appliances or rack mount servers. Therefore, shifting some of the traffic to the WANic 6354 can provide cost savings for many applications.

The WANic 6354 supports IEEE 1588 and hardware timestamping for Ethernet synchronization and packet sequencing. This is especially important for customers who need to monitor and assess the status of Ethernet communications on networks carrying audio and video, as it simplifies detailed reporting of controlled network traffic/timing.

The WANic 6354 uses a 4-lane PCI Express Gen 2 bus and host interface to support high-speed communications. The front panel features four wiring ports with SFP connectors that support IEEE 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet and short- and long-haul fiber optic connections.

Through a variety of advanced technologies, WANic 6354 layer 2-7 has up to 4Gbit/s packet processing wire speed. These technologies include MIPS64 second-generation processing core, high-performance I/O bridging and queuing, high-speed internal connections, advanced storage technologies: OCTEON II processor 2MByte shared L2 cache and 4GByte high-speed DDR3 data memory, and uses dual VLP Mini- RDIMM modules. 512MByte DDR3 SDRAM for regular expression pattern matching engine storage (HFA/DFA). 32 MByte SDRAM can be used as persistent memory to store processor status information, and an optional 16 GByte eUSB flash memory can be used to store large amounts of data.

The WANic 6354 is powered by the latest Cavium OCTEON II processor with excellent performance.

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