News on June 23 In the context of the country’s vigorous promotion of the development of the integrated circuit industry, from the comprehensive analysis of the development status and hot development momentum of the domestic mainland chip manufacturing industry, the industry predicts that 28 nanometers will be a new starting point for 100% domestic chips, and Domestic 14-nanometer chips are expected to be mass-produced this year and next year, respectively.

This prediction has been recognized by professionals. According to a report from Global Network Technology, Wen Xiaojun, director of the Electronic Information Research Institute of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, said in an interview that domestic 14nm chips can be mass-produced by the end of next year, and domestic chips have already been produced. Have the best moment. “I agree with the industry’s prediction, and despite the technical difficulties, I have seen hope.”

Great news: domestic 28nm/14nm chips are expected to be mass-produced this year/next year!

Wen Xiaojun said that the development of 14nm chips has overcome many technical difficulties: key equipment such as etching machines and thin film deposition have been realized from scratch and applied in batches on large production lines; breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of 14nm process; Achieve mass production; hundreds of key materials such as polishing agents and sputtering targets have passed the assessment of large production lines and entered mass sales. These achievements basically cover the entire industrial chain system of my country’s integrated circuits, reversing the passive situation of the previous introduction of a full set of process technologies.

Wen Xiaojun said: “The rapid development of localization of 14nm and even 28nm chips means that we adopt a return strategy and use mature technology to meet general chip needs. The space for the whole industry chain to be independent.”

Wen Xiaojun expressed optimism about the future of domestic chips. He believes that the current domestic chip “although there is still a certain distance from the chip factory, but there is hope.” Wen Xiaojun said that the 14-12nm generation of production lines is very critical in the current semiconductor industry. The 14nm process and above can meet the needs of 70% of the current semiconductor manufacturing processes. The mid-range 5G chips all use the 12nm process. In addition, 14nm can basically meet the process needs of my country’s domestic desktop CPU.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2019, the entire semiconductor sales market was about 200 billion US dollars, of which 65% of chips used 14nm process technology, only about 10% of chips used 7nm, and about 25% used 10nm and 12nm.

However, Wen Xiaojun also admitted that my country’s 14nm technology is booming and has handed over a good transcript, but it is not something that can be accomplished overnight if you want to catch up and catch up. Leading manufacturers in the industry have many years of production experience on 14nm, and the depreciation of production lines has been completed. Chinese enterprises have no advantage in cost competition with other manufacturers. Therefore, there is a generation gap between us and the world’s first-class foundry companies in catching up with technology. If we want to catch up later, we need to invest more human, financial and time costs.

It is understood that this recent weekend, a news that “TSMC Nanjing’s production expansion was blocked and 28nm semiconductor equipment was stuck” was widely circulated on the Internet. According to AI Finance and Economics from several industry core people, this information has not been confirmed from credible channels, it should be fake news, but the situation is more complicated. A high-level executive of a domestic chip manufacturer said that because the epidemic disrupted the entire production chain, coupled with the long delivery cycle of equipment, the world was rushing for equipment, resulting in the delivery of equipment being delayed by several months.


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