Glory Tablet PC is expected to be equipped with MediaTek’s new tablet chip in Q3 shipments

Glory Tablet PC is expected to be equipped with MediaTek’s new tablet chip in Q3 shipments

MediaTek’s tablet chips are expected to add new recruits. Foreign media reports pointed out that the Honor Tablet PC V7 Pro is expected to be equipped with MediaTek’s latest tablet chip Dimensity 1300T. This product is built on TSMC’s 6nm process and is expected to surpass Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 and 870 in performance. Having entered the stage of heavy shipments, the legal person is expected to add additional growth momentum to MediaTek in the third quarter.

According to foreign media reports, MediaTek has reported that it will release a new tablet chip called Dimensity 1300T in the near future. The Honor Tablet PC V7 Pro is expected to become the first launch platform for this chip, and the Honor new product launch conference is expected to be held in August. It was also unveiled together with the new flagship model of Honor Magic 3.

In the information flowing out of foreign media, MediaTek Dimensity 1300T product specifications will adopt ARM A78 architecture. As for the GPU part, it will be equipped with Mali-G77 as the Dimensity 1200. On the artificial intelligence (AI) processor, it is expected to be equipped with 6 cores. The third generation AI processor.

MediaTek Dimensity 1300T is announced to be built on TSMC’s 6nm process. In terms of performance, Dimensity 1300T’s CPU performance computing is expected to increase by 30% compared with the previous generation products, GPU will increase by 40%, and AI computing will be even greater. With a growth of 82%, the overall computing performance is expected to be better than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 and 870, which means that it is approaching Qualcomm’s latest flagship computing chip, Snapdragon 888.

MediaTek’s consolidated revenue in the second quarter was 125.653 billion yuan, a quarterly growth of 16.3%, a record high in a single quarter. The legal person is optimistic that the MediaTek Dimensity 1300T has now entered the stage of high-volume shipments and is expected to start contributing performance in the third quarter. It is expected to bring additional growth momentum to MediaTek’s third-quarter performance and is expected to assist in third-quarter revenue.

In addition, MediaTek’s latest Dimensity 2000 will enter the sample delivery stage in the third quarter. Mass production and shipment are expected to begin in the fourth quarter. The high-volume shipment time is expected to fall in the first half of 2022, and it will become MediaTek’s new 5G. The new workhorse of mobile phone chips.

MediaTek will hold an online forum on July 27, at which time it is expected to announce its second-quarter operating results and third-quarter outlook. The market currently generally holds a positive view of MediaTek’s operating outlook for the second half of the year, but the key is that Qualcomm will return its flagship chip to TSMC’s 4-nanometer mass production in 2022. By then, the cost of flagship mobile phones will be similar to MediaTek’s, whether it will trigger a new wave Price war? Will be the focus of outside attention.

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