Geely Automobile: The self-developed central control chip will be assembled on the car in 2023

Geely Automobile: The self-developed central control chip will be assembled on the car in 2023

On March 26, according to domestic media reports, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding, said when talking about the “lack of cores” in the auto industry that Geely Auto has comprehensively investigated the risk of chip supply, combined with the sales target for 2021, according to Risk level, lock long-term orders with suppliers for 3-6 months, and lock them in advance to ensure that production is not affected.

In addition, Li Shufu also revealed a key piece of information. Geely’s “China chip” strategy, which began in 2019, is about to land. “Our self-developed central control chip will be assembled and put on the car in 2023.”

Li Shufu said that while Geely strategically purchases inventory in advance, it is also rapidly promoting the introduction of domestic brand chips, as well as independently developed and designed chips.

According to Li Shufu, the chip independently developed by Geely is likely to be the chip of Yigatong. ECARX is a strategically invested and independently operated technology innovation enterprise of Geely Holding Group. Its business mainly focuses on automotive chips, smart cockpits, smart driving, high-precision maps, big data and Internet of Vehicles cloud platforms.

On October 20, 2020, Sinotech officially debuted in Wuhan. It was jointly funded and established by Yigatong Technology, a strategic investment of Geely Holding Group, and Arm China. Sales.

According to the plan at the time, the first in-vehicle chip will use a 7-nanometer process technology and is expected to be tape-out in 2021.

The global chip shortage has affected many automakers such as Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, and Hyundai. Li Shufu also said in an interview that Geely has comprehensively investigated chip supply risks and locked long-term orders from suppliers for 3-6 months to ensure production. Not affected.

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