[Gathering Wisdom, Convergence, and Common Security]Bringing together all its brands again, Fodaywell will focus on seven key areas at the 4th CIIE

[Gathering Wisdom, Convergence, and Common Security]Bringing together all its brands again, Fodaywell will focus on seven key areas at the 4th CIIE

The much-anticipated 4th China International Import Expo will be held from November 5th to 10th, 2021. Fudiwei, a group company affiliated to Tektronix Technology, once again brought together its six major brands to appear at the Expo, bringing an integrated upgrade The scenario plan focuses on seven key areas of application, promotes local exchanges and cooperation, and further deepens the Group’s commitment to China.

Fudiwei’s Tektronix, ASP, Fluke, Fudiwei Sensing and Control, Industrial Scientific, and Qualitrol will jointly exhibit seven major areas: smart factory, smart data center, smart medical, smart travel, smart security, green energy, and cutting-edge scientific research The key applications and new products of the company are suitable for a variety of business scenarios, accelerating the integration of digital technology with the production, operation and life of enterprises. Fortive booth (4.1B4-004) in Hall 4.1 of the technical equipment exhibition area, we will see you there.

[Gathering Wisdom, Convergence, and Common Security]Bringing together all its brands again, Fodaywell will focus on seven key areas at the 4th CIIE

The new model and new format of the digital economy have become the driving force for the rapid development of the economy in the future. With the increase in digitalization and intelligence, business operations will become more efficient and ultimately translate into increased production efficiency.

Safety and development are two wings of one body and two wheels of driving. Coordinating the two major issues of development and security is of great significance to better promoting high-quality development in a complex environment. Fordwell will bring a number of new products for the first time and the first exhibition, showing the continuously strengthened brand synergy and innovative intelligent security technology, continue to uphold the original intention of the enterprise, provide solid security assurance and intelligent solutions, and promote China’s urban construction and economic high-quality developing.


[Gathering Wisdom, Convergence, and Common Security]Bringing together all its brands again, Fodaywell will focus on seven key areas at the 4th CIIE

 Comprehensively optimize the layout of data center construction

As a digital technology entity of the Internet and all walks of life, data centers support the rapid development of the digital economy. The complexity of data center construction and layout requires professional technical solution support, and network quality upgrade is the foundation and key. Fordwell provides evaluation of network connection quality and network architecture for data center construction, as well as online monitoring and risk prediction of network operation.

The Fluke network cable tester can quickly test the performance quality of copper cables and optical fibers in accordance with international/domestic standards. Optical fiber microscopes and cleaning tools can effectively detect and clean optical fiber end faces. The optical fiber ensures that the wiring quality of cables and optical fibers can meet the Users can stabilize data transmission requirements and quickly locate cable and fiber faults during troubleshooting.

In terms of ensuring the stable operation of the data center, Tektronix provides high-precision testing equipment and testing procedures certified by the International Standards Organization, and conducts conformance testing on the high-speed switching interface at the core of the data center to ensure reliable and stable operation of the data center equipment. Among them, the 8 Series sampling oscilloscopes provide a comprehensive optical test solution for telecom and datacom applications as well as general optical component testing. The TSO8C17 and TSO8C18 optical modules offer optical bandwidths above 30 GHz and a fully integrated optical reference receiver (ORR)1 for single-mode and multi-mode compliance testing in the 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm bands.

Fluke Electric test products provide data centers with predictive maintenance solutions for electrical equipment. 1738 evaluates power supply quality through three unbalance, harmonic and other parameters and 378 clamp meter to test Voltage and current, BT520 routinely tests batteries to ensure backup power Safety, in addition to temperature vibration and other tests can also effectively ensure the efficient operation of the data center.

Fluke1620A temperature and humidity recorder is a new generation of digital temperature and humidity meter developed by Fluke. It has excellent measurement accuracy, supports dual-channel dual-sensor measurement, and can Display real-time temperature and humidity in digital and graphical forms at the same time. It is equipped with a variety of remote communication and Control function, built-in large-capacity data storage and computing power, and alarm function, its unique characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications from laboratory, data center to industrial environment measurement.

In terms of computing power improvement, in the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of New Data Centers (2021-2023)”, it is clearly proposed to “promote the improvement of heterogeneous computing power such as CPU and GPU, gradually increase the deployment ratio of independent research and development computing power, and promote The goal of diversifying the supply of computing power in new data centers. The empowerment of computing power will promote the development of the domestic chip industry. Fordwell is deeply involved in chip and equipment research and development, production testing and quality control, which plays an active and important role in the rapid commercialization of new CPUs and GPUs in the industry and the application of data centers.

  Promote the green development path of data center

Data centers need to run continuously and are large energy consumers. It is reported that about 60% of capital expenditures and 50% of operating costs are related to energy. Among them, traditional technology can no longer meet the cooling requirements of high-density data centers, and liquid cooling technology is being gradually adopted to solve this problem. Fordwell’s sensing and control business platform provides precise measurement and control devices such as liquid level, pressure, differential pressure, solenoid valve, etc., to ensure that the ambient air and coolant in the data center can circulate uninterruptedly, take away the heat of the server, and improve the performance of the computing system , reduce energy consumption, and build more energy-efficient, sustainable data centers.

Power distribution energy consumption and safety are also key issues related to data center operations. Fordway provides real-time monitoring of the power distribution system of the data center, and provides risk warnings for energy efficiency and power quality; especially for new energy supply methods, such as photovoltaics and wind power, it is especially necessary to monitor the quality of power to ensure Expensive storage, network switching equipment works normally.

Qualitrol power quality monitoring device adopts high-speed and high-performance dual-core processor, integrates harmonic analysis, flicker measurement, power measurement unbalance measurement, fault recording, event recording and other functions, records steady-state data and transient data, and provides power grid Power quality management provides accurate data basis.

What is expected is that there is also a cute little guy who is the spokesperson for Fudiwei at this year’s CIIE. His name is Freddy. Mengmeng’s round belly is Fortive’s unchanging green core, and the intelligent shape full of technology represents the theme of Fortive’s participation in this exhibition.

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