Fusion Project works to advance data management in connected and autonomous vehicles

Fusion Project works to advance data management in connected and autonomous vehicles

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – February 8, 2021 – Airbiquity®, Cloudera, NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq: NXPI), Teraki™ and Wind River® today jointly announced the Fusion Project, a is an automotive industry collaboration to define a simplified data lifecycle platform to advance the development of smart, connected vehicles. The program is designed to efficiently collect, analyze and manage connected vehicle data for continuous feature development, deployment and upgrades through pre-integrated hardware and software solutions combined with innovative technologies provided by leading companies to automakers.

Fusion Project works to advance data management in connected and autonomous vehicles

As connected vehicle technology continues to evolve, the amount of data generated is growing exponentially. This data can be used to provide consumers with new data-centric capabilities and generate revenue opportunities for automakers. However, efficiently collecting, analyzing, and managing vehicle data remains a challenge for automakers due to fragmented data management across the machine learning lifecycle, inaccuracies caused by static machine learning models, limited intelligent edge computing power, and insufficient in-vehicle computing power .

Fusion Project addresses these challenges by pre-integrating technologies from five industry providers into a single solution. Automakers can easily evaluate solutions and introduce them into the design and production cycle of next-generation connected and autonomous vehicles.

The first application of the Fusion Project is to use each company’s collaborative technology to create a solution for intelligent lane change detection:

• Airbiquity – Over-the-Air (OTA) software management

• Cloudera – data lifecycle solutions from edge to AI

• NXP – vehicle processing platform

• Teraki – artificial intelligence (AI) for edge data

• Wind River – Intelligent Edge System Software

This solution creates a robust and efficient data lifecycle platform, from data ingestion to OTA machine learning model updates, that maximizes the accuracy of system decisions without sacrificing data fidelity.

Phil Magney, founder and president of VSI Labs and former co-founder of Telematics Research Group, noted: “Automakers face ongoing challenges in implementing complex technologies, such as the next phase of advanced ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. The next generation The data management technology stack consists of many aspects that continuously improve and deploy AI machine learning models, so automakers need vehicle-to-cloud solutions like Fusion Project to take advantage of key technologies in the automotive ecosystem .”

Pre-integrated solutions are already available for demonstration and evaluation by forward-thinking customers. For more information on Fusion Project and the Smart Lane Change Detection solution, please visit Fusion Project here.

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