From being popular all over the world to no one is interested, why are fewer and fewer people using Samsung phones?

From being popular all over the world to no one is interested, why are fewer and fewer people using Samsung phones?

Samsung mobile phones are smart phones developed by the Samsung Group. Samsung mobile phones have really become popular around the world from the A series. The A series was originally a foldable mobile phone series. The earliest Samsung SGH-A188 (white appearance) and Samsung SGH-A288 (internal and external dual screen) are classics. The Galaxy series can be said to be the most successful series of Samsung mobile phones so far. Samsung has adopted Android’s smartphone operating system in the entire Galaxy series.

Five or six years ago, there were more people around using Samsung phones, and you can often see people holding Samsung phones on the street, but now there are fewer and fewer people. Those who used Samsung phones seem to have become Xiaomi , Vivo, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus and other brands. Why are fewer and fewer Chinese using Samsung mobile phones? We must know that the sales volume of Samsung mobile phones is still the top three in the world, but its proportion in the Chinese mobile phone market is very small. Is this different from the “Samsung note7 explosion and the different treatment of domestic “User” is related to “Samsung China’s open recruitment of navy”? I personally think there is a certain relationship, but this is not the main reason.

From being popular all over the world to no one is interested, why are fewer and fewer people using Samsung phones?

In my opinion, the main reason why fewer and fewer Chinese use Samsung mobile phones is that Samsung does not value the domestic market or respect domestic users. This is reflected in the following aspects:

Inflated prices and serious price drops for new machines

When Samsung’s new phones come out, the price is often much higher than that of other brands of the same specifications. Later, they will be more willful in price reduction promotions, and some models of phones will drop by 1,000 yuan less than three months after they are on the market. Above, this will make users who bought at the original price feel uncomfortable.

High is not low, low cost performance

With the efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, domestic mobile phones have been greatly improved in terms of design, performance and functions. Coupled with their easy-to-use, deep optimization system with good interactive experience, they naturally attract more domestic mobile phones. Users, domestic mobile phones also have certain advantages in terms of price. But in contrast to Samsung mobile phones, the price of flagship phones with a price of up to 10,000 yuan is even in line with the iPhone, but the actual sales in China are far below that of the iPhone, and the mid-to-high-end models cannot be compared with the domestic flagship phones. This directly causes Samsung phones to fall into The embarrassing situation of failing to achieve success.

Feature lacks localization

As a former Samsung mobile phone user, I think Samsung has no problems with system optimization, interactive experience, and a smoother system. However, compared with domestic mobile phones, there are some lack of functions. It does not follow the habits of Chinese people. In-depth optimization is also the reason why some Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Meizu mobile phone users feel that the Samsung mobile phone system is simple or even difficult to use.

In order to consolidate its Android camp, Google has cooperated with Samsung regardless of previous complaints. After Huawei, which once ranked second in mobile phone shipments in the world, abandoned Android and switched to the Hongmeng operating system developed by itself, Google ranked first in the market share of mobile operating systems. With Samsung, the world’s number one brand in mobile phone shipments, they chose to stand together. Have they already foreseen that the development trend of Huawei Hongmeng operating system will be unstoppable by one family?

According to a foreign media report on June 10, 2021, Samsung officially stated that it will hold a theme press conference on “Galaxy Experience” on June 28, 2021. The press conference will showcase the latest Galaxy ecosystem and Galaxy new smarts. Watches and information related to mobile security.

Samsung officially stated that it will “redesign smart watches and create new experiences and opportunities for developers and consumers.” It is reported that the new smart watch enhances security and gives people new capabilities in its connected devices and service ecosystem, and provides users with more “choices, freedoms and possibilities.”

The world’s number one mobile phone, why is Samsung’s mobile phone not popular in China? Spending billions of dollars in advertising is a lack of clear positioning.

For example, for the Apple mobile phone, which two words do you think is the positioning of Apple? A very good translation is used, called Bige. This phone has a face with it, hey, it is compelling.

What is the positioning of Huawei’s mobile phones? How many of our companies can achieve annual sales of 900 billion yuan, which is too good to start their own business. Huawei is essentially patriotic.

So what do you think of Xiaomi’s positioning? To make the world’s best mobile phone, only sell for half the price, Xiaomi is very simple, it is cost-effective.

What do you think of oppo’s positioning? It is 20 million before and after, and the picture is clearer. In one dimension, it is ok if I am better than you. This is different, and I will focus on taking pictures.

There is also a mobile phone that is very well-made in Africa. What is their positioning? The biggest pain of blacks is that it is a selfie. When you take a photo at night, you can’t see yourself, so Transsion focuses on algorithms. This algorithm is added when taking pictures. When he makes this and all the blacks take a picture, hey, he looks handsome, of course he sells well.

Because all these people only care about the global mainstream market, no one cares about black people. So back to Samsung, I asked him, I said, what do you think of your own characteristics? Look at the differentiated positioning of your ads? What is Samsung’s positioning? No positioning. After that, their president came to me and asked me, Mr. Zhang, can you give us a position? I said that this little money is not enough, right? It took me a few months to position me, not the money for this meeting, right? ?

This is to tell the truth. Positioning is a difficult project. You have to be responsible for consulting and spend millions on you for positioning. The next step is to do advertising. You have to spread it, and this advertisement does not move. It’s going to be hundreds of millions, billions, and finally you do something to someone else. If it doesn’t work, you can’t just pat your head.

In the past two months, the mobile phone circle has released a lot of new flagship phones with high configuration, which dazzled the fans, and many people also plan to take advantage of the enthusiasm to replace them with a freshly released new phone. However, Samsung S20 should not be included in most people’s replacement goals. Speaking of the Samsung S20, all good things want to give Samsung a handful of bitter tears. This is the earliest Snapdragon 865 mobile phone released this year. It is also configured higher-end than most domestic flagships, but its popularity is pitifully low. In fact, it is not the first time that Samsung mobile phones have been cold in China. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer Samsung users in China, and Samsung can no longer sell them in China.

Most of the people who still insist on using Samsung phones are Samsung’s diehard fans. Although Samsung is not as good as before in China, it is after all one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to enter the domestic market. It was once brilliant in the past few years, so it is not surprising that it has a group of diehard fans. Apart from other controversies, Samsung’s mobile phones themselves are of very high standards. Samsung has a lot of research on mobile phone components and can independently produce mobile phone screens, batteries, camera sensors and other hardware. Among them, Samsung’s screen has become the current high-end flagship. The only option for gadgets, friends can think of, with such good resources, how can Samsung’s own flagship phones have poor standards?

Samsung is indeed a very powerful manufacturer, and the standard of Samsung’s flagship is higher than most domestic mobile phones. However, if a mobile phone wants to catch fire, it is not enough to have strength. Small brands such as Meizu and Nubia are equally capable, but they have not been recognized by everyone for so many years. Samsung is the same. It does have strength, but the price is ridiculously high. In addition, there are basically no publicity activities in the country. In the end, it can only be buried by the domestic flagship. Have you ever used a Samsung mobile phone?

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