Folding screen track, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. may launch new machines

Folding screen track, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. may launch new machines

There are positive signals in the folding screen mobile phone market. The first batch of folding screen mobile phones sold well, and the other giants are changing their pessimistic views

Recently, discussions about the release of Huawei’s new-generation foldable phone Mate X2 next month have increased, and Xiaomi’s patent for a MIX foldable phone has also been exposed.

The Korea Business Daily reported that Samsung may abandon the Galaxy Note series and devote itself to its folding screen mobile phone.

“Intelligent Objects” learned that the release date of Mate X2 is indeed approaching. This time, Huawei’s folding screen mobile phone has changed from the outer folding scheme adopted by the previous two generations, and adopted the inner folding design similar to Samsung, which greatly reduces the technical difficulty and cost. It is expected to be much larger than the previous two generations.

Behind Huawei’s first launch of a folding screen mobile phone is a series of ecological investment and innovation

The sales data of’s Samsung mobile phone store has changed. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 series mobile phones released in August this year sold nearly 10,000 units on the platform, far exceeding the first-generation folding screen mobile phone released six months ago.

According to statistics, compared with the second quarter, the number of active devices for folding screen mobile phones in the third quarter of 2020 increased by 116%.

Information from reliable channels shows that, driven by the enthusiasm of the folding screen mobile phone market, the top five domestic mobile phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, are already following up on folding screen mobile phones.

Huawei will release a new generation of folding screen mobile phones, Xiaomi and other major manufacturers are actively following up

Affected by immature technology and high cost, the future of folding screen mobile phones has huge uncertainties. Forbes once concluded in the article “Does Folding Screen Phones and Computers Have a Future?”, saying that folding screens will never become mainstream.

However, the enthusiasm of mobile phone manufacturers for folding screen mobile phones has not been dampened by external voices.

As a major player in the field of folding screen mobile phones, Huawei’s recent news all point to: it intends to increase shipments and promote the commercial progress of folding screen mobile phones.

“Intelligent Objects” learned that when the new generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate X2 is about to be released, Huawei also recently added orders for the previous generation folding screen mobile phone, about 50% of the order, which seems to respond to market demand.

Regarding the Mate X2, it is reported that the Kirin 9000 processor will enhance the performance of this phone. In addition, it will be equipped with 66W super fast charging, with a very narrow frame design and a full screen with a hole.

Unlike previous rumors, Huawei has done “subtraction” in terms of sales and folding methods that everyone cares about most. Or affected by the supply of chips, Huawei adjusted the sales plan of the new generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate X2, and still retained the sales volume of 1.5 million units, which is twice the previous increase. In terms of folding methods, Huawei said that it will give up the outer folding, and the Mate X2 will only adopt the more technically mature inner folding solution.

On the one hand, compared with the previous generation of mobile phones, the sales volume has increased significantly. On the other hand, instead of trying out the more technically difficult outer folding, it adopts the inner folding design to simplify the complexity, and instead piles up technologies in terms of performance and experience optimization. Existing product iterations to improve the coverage of mobile phones. It is not difficult to find that Huawei’s move should be intended to accelerate the commercialization of folding screen mobile phones.

Coincidentally, when Huawei is about to launch a new phone, Xiaomi’s first folding screen phone will also be available.

In 2019, Xiaomi once released a video of an engineering machine. Later, there were rumors that Xiaomi would launch a folding screen mobile phone, but no mass-production model was released. This year, Xiaomi has applied for a number of patents related to folding screens, including methods and devices for posture detection of folding screens, Electronic devices, and computer-readable storage media.

Zhiwu has learned that Xiaomi will launch its first folding screen phone in 2021.

It can be seen from the recent patent information that the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone will adopt a relatively simple inward folding method, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. After folding, there will be an external auxiliary Display screen and a pop-up camera.

At present, as Royole, Lenovo, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have successively finalized, more and more players will enter the folding screen mobile phone market, and the industrial development will undoubtedly accelerate.

At the beginning of the year, CINNO Research predicted that global shipments of folding screen mobile phones will reach 2.9 million units this year, a year-on-year increase of 517%. The market is expected to grow tenfold in four years.

Apple rumors continue, but no conclusion

Although friends and businessmen are doing well, and forecasting agencies are mostly optimistic, Apple has never released information about folding screen mobile phones, which also casts a layer of uncertainty on the scale of commercial use of folding screen mobile phones.

Since 2017, the news of Apple’s folding screen phone has been active in the public eye.

And this year, with the increasing volume of Huawei and Samsung’s folding screen phones, Apple’s folding screen phones have also made the latest “progress”: In September this year, Apple was rumored to discuss samples of folding phone Display screens with Samsung, and in November The Verifier issued an article saying that Apple will launch two The folding screen mobile phone will be launched after the year, and now there is news that Apple’s folding screen mobile phone is undergoing 100,000 folding tests, and next year, Apple will launch a 1TB, folding version of the iPhone and has sent the prototype to Hon Hai, Japan Nippon… various The news suggests that Apple’s folding screen phone is coming.

In the past 5 years, Apple has missed a series of hardware innovations such as screen fingerprints and lifting cameras

However, judging from the fact that the adoption of the iPhone on the big screen and the advancement of 5G technology in the past were later than other manufacturers, Apple is more cautious than Android companies when it comes to blessing new technologies.

A previous article in Business Insider pointed out that Apple is unlikely to launch a foldable phone in the short term due to factors such as cost and product maturity.

In the early stage, affected by various factors such as the epidemic and technological maturity, the sales of Huawei and Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones have been bleak, and therefore the folding screen mobile phone market has always been tepid. So far, the folding screen mobile phone market has not been fully opened, and its sales have only accounted for 0.14% of the total sales in the past year, which is insignificant.

For Apple, it is difficult to have a huge appeal.

In fact, so far, the news that can be verified still stays in Apple’s patents in the field of folding screen mobile phones, and the current patent does not reveal the shape of Apple’s folding screen mobile phones, suggesting that it is still some time away from commercial use.

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