Focus on the DPU track to form differentiated competitiveness with EDA and IP

Focus on the DPU track to form differentiated competitiveness with EDA and IP

“Coregenes mainly focuses on 5G and communication chips in data centers, which are our main battlefield.” According to Lu Sheng, chairman and CEO of Chipgenes Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., DPU is at the center of the entire data center stage and is the “A battleground for military strategists” in the industry. Core Qiyuan’s main products include smart network cards equipped with DPU chips, which directly target international first-tier enterprises and provide customers with low-cost, high-reliability, flexible and scalable chips, network cards and overall solutions.

Hardware is only a part of the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Taking DPU, GPU, and CPU as an example, in the whole solution, the chip itself only accounts for about 30% to 40%, and the remaining 60% of the workload is concentrated in ecology and software. Lu Sheng said that in addition to high performance, low power consumption, and low cost, DPU also has a very strong demand, that is, software developers. This is also the strength of Coreqiyuan. Coreqiyuan takes demand as the core and provides programmable and customized products, which can meet the application of different scenarios and customer demands. Lu Sheng revealed that since the end of last year, Coreqiyuan has carried out in-depth cooperation with a well-known domestic operator, and is establishing a joint laboratory to deeply study and develop hardware acceleration of communication protocols for 100G network cards, communication SDN and other products.

Coreqiyuan has a rich product line. In addition to DPU, the company also has a lot of layouts in the field of EDA and IP. “High-end EDA tools and IP are the indispensable secret weapons of Chipqigen, and it is also the core competitiveness of our differentiated competition with the industry.” Lu Sheng said that the advantage of Chipqigen is that it is EDA and IP itself. Users can provide services for chip development and design from the user’s point of view. Based on users’ needs for 5G and data center communication chips, as well as software and hardware integration verification, Chipqiyuan constantly challenges new chip design methods and breaks through the bottleneck of existing solutions.

In traditional EDA tools, prototype simulation lacks the ability to analyze and correct errors, while hardware simulation tools have been improved, but still have limitations in speed. Due to the split development environment between the two, the hardware simulation speed cannot support the operation of the operating system and the upper-layer software, resulting in the problems existing in the prototype simulation still cannot be realized in the hardware simulation. In Lu Sheng’s view, since the solutions provided by the current market can no longer meet the needs of product development, it is an inevitable choice for Chipqigen to enter the EDA market. Among them, hardware emulation is a very important part.

In the field of high-end EDA, Coreqiyuan has developed a technologically advanced SoC prototype and simulation system MimicPro. After more than two years of incubation, it has produced two products of the first generation, which have been mass-produced and delivered in June this year, while 32 FPGAs MimicPro will also be available at the end of the year. The system combines the advantages of hardware simulation and prototype simulation, adds error correction functions, makes up for the slow speed of hardware simulation, and integrates the two separated environments to form an integrated platform. MimicPRO aims at large network communication chips, including GPU, artificial intelligence chips, etc., from IP verification, subsystem verification to software and hardware integration verification, and strives to find the problem at the fastest speed, and provide efficient solutions to ensure the chip A tape-out was successful. The verification system improves work efficiency, greatly shortens the development cycle, and accelerates the completion of system verification and regression testing in early software development. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring security and scalability, it provides high-performance and high-speed ASIC and software development platforms for enterprise and cloud operations.

Since its establishment in 2015, Coreqiyuan has been committed to the design and development of smart network cards and high-end chips, focusing on 5G, cloud data centers, cloud computing and other related fields of network communication, to provide customers with the best chips and solutions. Lu Sheng said that the design concept of Coreqiyuan has also been recognized by many customers and partners. The company has always adhered to an open attitude and comprehensively serves the industry from DPU, USB IP and EDA tools.

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