Facebook’s ‘Metaverse’ Is Just a Promo?

Facebook’s ‘Metaverse’ Is Just a Promo?

What irritates investors is the stock price, but what irritates the public is Zuckerberg’s vision for the future of the Metaverse. Based on current hardware devices, what visions can already be realized, not just a promotional film?

Admire the Milky Way in the living room

Through the VR headset, you can choose to watch the starry sky and a sunset in the house, or you can watch an online concert with three or five friends. The virtual reality represented by VR can take a person to anywhere.

The Quest series under Oculus is a long-established product in the field of VR equipment. In 2016, after Oculus was acquired by Facebook, it vigorously developed VR hardware devices with the resources and financial support of the latter, and launched the first product of this series in 2019. The Oculus quest 2 was released in October last year, and it immediately occupied the top spot of the VR all-in-one machine.

High-end players are looking forward to when quest 3 arrives. At the Connect conference, Zuckerberg did not disclose information about quest pro or quest 3, which also means that if you want to start a VR headset, quest 2 is still the best choice.

In terms of hardware, the quest 2 uses the Snapdragon XR2 processor designed for VR, which is a high-end chip that includes VR headset optimization features. Compared with the 1440×1600 (2.3 million pixels) of the original quest, the quest 2 has a monocular resolution of up to 1832×1920 (3.5 million pixels). After using an LCD Display, the quest 2 can almost avoid the widely criticized “VR equipment”. The Window Screen Effect”.

In terms of appearance, the design of Oculus is also more suitable for the wearer. It not only uses a flexible headband to reduce the tension while grasping the head, but also comes with two additional headbands, the Elite headband and the battery board Elite headband.

In addition to “Galaxy”, there are countless unique worlds full of adventure waiting for you to explore – Zuckerberg revealed that Arizona sunshine developer Vertigo Games and game manufacturer DeepSilver will launch 5 new games on the quest 2 platform , the famous PC VR work “Sword and Magic” will also be launched at the end of this year, and the classic “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” quest 2 version is also under development.

Virtual social close to reality

Although not waiting for the next generation of quest products, more and more exciting content can also be enjoyed on quest2.

At the Connect conference, several “black technologies” other than hardware were also eye-catching, such as Horizon Home, a VR content developed by Horizon. Zuckerberg revealed that the function will be upgraded, and there will be opportunities to play with friends after the update. Play games, enjoy panoramic videos, and transform the space yourself.

In the virtual world built by VR equipment, you will no longer be forced to be “alone”, and countless amazing scenery can be invited to friends to watch with one click. You no longer need to envy the “Go to Paris to feed the pigeons” in the Versailles literature. If your family and friends have money and leisure, going to Antarctica to feed the penguins can also be shared with you. This should be the whim of Xiao Zha who is trapped in the epidemic. .

A high-end VR/AR headset Project Cambria under development also brings more imagination. In Zuckerberg’s mouth, this is not a quest series device, but a product compatible with the quest ecosystem but with a higher-end positioning.

In the preview video of the Connect conference, an avatar instantly follows the real person to make various expressions, achieves eye tracking and real-time simulation of facial expressions, so that the avatar can show the wearer’s more realistic feelings.

This means that even when wearing a VR headset, your micro-expressions can be seen by friends in the online world through sensing. When people share a joke online, they can respond by simply looking at each other’s smiling faces, rather than expressing their emotions through emoij or text.

Emoji for Project Cambria

It is worth noting that the device can also send high-definition full-color images to the eyes through the camera, allowing the wearer to see the surrounding environment while wearing the device. It is not difficult to see that this device focuses more on combined MR (mixed reality) than pure VR glasses.

On the other hand, the move toward finer visual fidelity-level optics and sensors has made Project Cambria a short-focal-length headset, reducing thickness and making it lighter in profile. Facebook says the device will give objects in the physical world more depth and perspective.

The project is still in development, and Facebook promises to release more details next year.

Let the metaverse redefine reality

In daily life, many “small troubles” can also be solved by AR devices. For example, do you often forget where things are placed? Feeling dizzy in an unfamiliar place? Will you be in a hurry because of too many Electronic devices?

Compared to the head-mounted Display device introduced earlier, Project Aria looks much simpler in appearance – it is an AR glasses. Users can put identifiable marks on various items to locate and identify the location of the items.

It looks like an ordinary pair of black-rimmed glasses. But as long as you put it on, you can see that the world in front of you seems to have been reconstructed. Project Aria’s sensors capture what the wearer sees and hears, and by recognizing the wearer’s eye movement and position information, it can also analyze the wearer’s own preferences for the environment. In addition to this, it is also possible to construct a 3D real-time map in reality through the glasses.

It is worth noting that this device is more inclined to research, similar to an AR glasses research project. The device has more computing power to encrypt, store information, and transmit it to Facebook researchers to learn more about how AR works in reality. the subject.

This means that this AR glasses will not be aimed at the consumer market, but the functions displayed on it may come to consumers with Facebook’s AR products.

The Project Nazare mentioned by Zuckerberg at the Connect conference may arrive earlier. It is the first AR full-experience glasses. It is rich in ecology and complete in experience. It will undoubtedly go further in AR applications. In fact, this is Facebook’s first pair of AR glasses for the consumer market to date.

Through this glasses, the wearer can connect to Whatsapp, chat with friends on a virtual interface, and invite friends to play games together, while friends appear in front of them as virtual AR images, no longer need to look at the phone while browsing the computer, all All electronic interfaces can be displayed in the AR virtual interface presented by the glasses, and we can’t wait to open the black together!

In addition, a wrist-worn device was released alongside Project Nazare. This watch-shaped device uses EMG electromyography input from the wrist muscles, thereby converting motor nerve signals into digital commands, controlled by meticulous gestures AR glasses, for example, can enter text in the chat window and send it only by imitating writing by gestures.

Regarding the glasses, Zuckerberg said: “We still have a long way to go, but we are making good progress.” He hinted to the audience that although it needs to accommodate holographic displays, projectors, batteries, radios, custom-made Silicon chips, cameras, speakers and other hardware, but the AR glasses that will eventually come out will eventually be “polished” to a thickness of about 5mm.

The imagination brought by Zuckerberg is so beautiful, but in fact, except for the quest2 VR all-in-one machine, most of the scenes are still beautiful imaginations. These scenes that will follow in a few years will be the “metaverse”. first step? (IT Times)

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