Exploration and practice of security protection in the 5G field of love encryption

Exploration and practice of security protection in the 5G field of love encryption

According to data, by the end of 2022, more than 60% of China’s top 1000 enterprises will deploy application scenarios based on 5G and edge computing, and accelerate the pace of post-epidemic recovery and innovation, driving spending growth on 5G infrastructure and IoT solutions. As 5G usage increases, and more and more devices rely on 5G, attackers will be more aggressive in finding vulnerabilities to exploit.

As the main direction of the new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G will provide basic support for future economic and social development, covering fields such as mobile phones, smart homes, autonomous driving, telemedicine services, and smart city service systems. The 5G bearer network is bound to become a key information infrastructure that has a significant impact on the people and even national security. This puts forward higher requirements for the security protection of 5G bearer networks. Due to the diversification of scenarios, the transformation from network-centric to data-centric has been achieved, and compliance and personal privacy security have become more important.

Security risks in the 5G environment, from the perception layer, the transport layer to the application layer and management layer, may have different security risk issues. In a virtual environment, management and control functions are highly centralized, resources are shared, and open source software is widely used, which increases the risk of being attacked and introducing security vulnerabilities. Applications in edge computing platforms are prone to leakage of sensitive information of users and businesses. The openness of network capabilities opens up user personal information, network data and business data from the closed platform within the network operator, increasing the risk of data leakage. Therefore, security protection in the 5G environment is a multi-terminal security ecosystem, including polymorphic terminal security, network transmission security, cloud system security, and pan-application security.

The mission of iEncrypt is to continuously lead technological innovation and build a data-driven ubiquitous application security protection ecosystem for mobile Internet, Internet of Things and Industrial Internet. Through continuous innovation and upgrading and accumulation of experience, Ai Encrypt’s mobile security business has penetrated into many fields, and has also conducted in-depth research on the construction of security protection systems in the 5G environment.

Improve security capabilities


The security protection capabilities of the three links of 5G network infrastructure construction, security identification analysis, and industrial application deployment should be comprehensively improved, and the security protection capabilities of the entire industrial chain of data in the process of generation, transmission, and use should be strengthened. Comprehensively strengthen the protection capabilities of terminal equipment from the inside to the outside, carry out multi-dimensional security reinforcement from the application system and the carrying environment, and evaluate and monitor APP security based on the interactive threat analysis model. Provides comprehensive pan-application hardening and attack prevention solutions through AiXi IOT security compiler and pan-application hardening system.

Strengthen safety monitoring capabilities


We should deepen the construction of threat perception technical means, improve the detection framework, enrich the threat detection technical means, and improve the 5G network security management and control framework. Through the Threat Situation Awareness Platform of AiEncrypt, various attack threats, abnormal behaviors, environmental risks, etc. can be discovered in time, and security incidents can be perceived in advance, responded in real time, and tracked and traced after the event. Through the pan-application security detection platform, pan-application compliance detection platform, personal privacy detection platform, and SDK detection platform, we can comprehensively detect security vulnerabilities and coding defects in pan-applications, and avoid security accidents caused by security vulnerabilities in advance. Prevent security risks in a timely manner.

Improve safety service level


Innovate security management mechanisms and improve technical means, and strengthen security protections such as attack protection, vulnerability mining, and situational awareness. To improve the level of security service assurance, iEncrypt can provide enterprise users with one-stop mobile security services covering the entire life cycle of pan-application business planning, design, development, implementation, testing, compliance, and monitoring, and assist customers in establishing information security management systems. , meet security compliance requirements, and ensure security compliance through security services such as source code auditing, penetration testing, compliance assessment, security consulting, and security training.

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